Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Building Homes

oh man i love p-day.
i don't have a whole lot to say, not like last week.  this week was pretty good.  the rest of the training was pretty good.  i had a lot of fun in KL.  it was really really fun to see those elders again.  we played this one card game called "presidents" that i am going to have to tell you about.  its kind of like scum.  ha ha anyways yeah i learned a lot.  the training was the exact same as in singapore.  to answer dad's question kl is interesting.  it is very modern but at the same time it is still malaysia.  not even close to as modern as singapore that's for sure.  they have a good train and subway and bus system.  and they have big malls and what not.  but there is still tons of like cheap restaurants and markets and local kind of niches.  its pretty cool.  but i wouldn't want to serve there.  too big.  i'm a fan of the small city.  sandakan is so awesome. 
     we got home on friday night and went to work saturday morning.  we tried to see as many people as possible saturday because we didn't see a lot of people for a whole week. plus it was an important day because a few key investigators promised to quit smoking by that day.  so we went around.  they were all doing awesome.  no specific stories but they are all good.  jessica and enol both stopped smoking. 
     sunday was an excellent day.  we had to wear our suits. oh man so so so so so hot.  i'm not really a fan.  oh i have a story for the suits.  all of west malaysia recently had a zone conference and they all got their suits.  us six from sabah were the only ones at the mission training that didn't yet have our suits and we were supposed to get them in KL.  for the 5 days we were there no one ever told us about the suits.  we actually forgot.  but on the last day we saw a big bag that had our suits in them.  we didn't see our pants anywhere so we figured it was the jackets only.  so we grabbed them and packed them.  on saturday night sister clark called from singapore and she was ticked.  she was really mad at us because she thought we didn't have our suits.  she said that they anounced it all week and that everyone else grabbed theirs.  she said we would have to ship them that day and pay for it too.  we were like whoa whoa we have our suits.  we then figured out that we forgot our pants.  but she didn't let up. man she was mad.  ha ha but anyways sunday was good.  we wore our suit jackets.  someone from kl is getting transferred up here next week and they are going to bring the pants with them.  

at church i translated for president wieland while he conducted.  it was pretty fun.  i didn't know all of the big words he always uses so it was funny to some members that speak english and malay that i really simplified and even changed many things he said.  he's just too complex.  ha ha it rained pretty hard so we were nervous that no investigators would come but we had 10 and some children fight the rain and come.  thats when you can tell they are dedicated.  its so awesome.

     yesterday was pretty fun.  in the morning we helped Enol and Surima build a house.  it is like a 10 foot by 25 foot house on stilts in the jungle.  they are getting forced to move out of their old similair house so we're helping them build this one.  it was fun.  it was like building the fort.  i feel bad that its so dang small but thats what they know so i guess its ok with them.  we actually were very surprised at where they live.  i'll take and send some pictures next week.  they live on the top of this one hill.  we thought there would be like three houses back there but it turned out to be like 30 and a store and a school.  ha ha its insane.  its what we call a kampung (village).  

also, yesterday we had a very very good lesson with freddy.  he knows so much about the gospel.  he is very knowledgable about the bible.  we've taught him every thing.  we've clearly laid it out there.  we've answered every question twice.  he has come to church four or five times.  he even bought the brand new triple combination and he enjoys reading the kitab mormon.  but he will not accept a baptismal commitment.  we don't know why.  yesterday we had a great lesson and i really felt the spirit but he said again that he has to think about it.  its so frustrating.  what to do.

     this morning we went to the driving range with president wieland and hit a few buckets of balls.  it was pretty fun.  its going to be a repeat activity.  there are big transferrs this weekend.  elder garrett has friends in high places so we know most of the transferrs and i'm not effected.  looks like i'll be in ol' sandakan till mid december at least.  ha ha oh well. its awesome up here.  just kind of lonely with only two elders.  we are having a baptism this weekend.  her name is kimberly.  she is 13 and she has an inactive mother.  but she enjoys coming and going to young womens.  it'll hopefully bring her mother out again.

     thats about it this week.  keep doing what you do.  let me know about james.  thats pretty sweet.  i remember this time last year when i put in my papers.  wow good times.  i love you all.  bertahan sampai akhir!
elder petersen

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