Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busy and Willing

what up,
     wow...this week was AMAZING!!  i can't even fit everything into this email.  it was just so enjoyable.  first in response to yours.  so did oskar win or lose? you didn't tell me.  nope sorry dad don't get any frequent flyer miles.  if so i have definitely racked them up.  i flew way to much the last two weeks.  atta boy spencer.  he can dunk it eh?  i sure can't ha ha the only basketball i've shot in 6 months has been a nerf ball one.  ha ha i can't jump either.  but you can just try to take me on in badminton if you dare!  alright let's do the turney.  that would be way fun.  i don't mind losing ha ha but honestly i think we'd do good.  can spencer hit jump shots?  arches eh?  sounds great.  plan something unique to do down there.  i've always wanted to go biking down there.  but only like me you and spencer.  think about it.  ya dad malaysians are incredibly superstitious.  ha ha even after they are baptized.  president clark told us that not a week goes by that he doesn't get a report about someone's investigator having a dream that convinces them to get baptized.  it's cool. 
West Malaysia crew makes it East
     well like i said this week was awesome.  i emailed you from kuching.  shortly after that i hopped on a flight to sibu for our zlc and our mlt.  it was a blast to see all my pals.  the zone leaders right now are just awesome.  pretty much a bunch of us that were together over in west beat the odds and became zone leaders in east so it was a good reunion.  the trainings were great.  
last year our mission goal for baptism was 800.  that was 200 less than the year before.  president was following the counsel of pres uchtdorf go slow to go fast.  we focused on better kingdom building members.  in november it did not look like there was anyway we could hit it.  but miracle after miracle happened and in the last 2 months we had about 200 baptisms.  we ended the year with 812.  our new goal is 500 before june 30 when president clark leaves.  i am excited.  i want our small zone to be a contributing factor to the mission.
     basically we were gone for 4 big days last week.  our numbers were hurting bad.  we were gone wednesday to saturday.  so on sunday we just tried to load up our schedule with as many things as we could.  it turned out to be a great day.  first of all there is deborah.  i told you about her last week.  she is the former investigator.  we sms'd her saturday night to remind her about church and she said she's having a bunch of problems but she'll try.  sunday morning brodie called her and she said she had something planned.  he talked her into rescheduling that appointment back an hour so she could make it to church for one hour.  she did so her and her awesome two daughters came to church.  she can't speak malay because she is vietnamese.  her parents were refugees and she was raised in australia.  she has a crazy background.  so i translated for her for sacrament meeting.  the talks were awesome.  two of the talks brought me to get teary eyed.  elder brodie was one of them.  he gave an awesome talk.  well she cancelled her appointment so she stayed for all three hours.  awesome.  ok put her on hold.  next was flora.  she had her baptism interview.  things went well, ya know i can't say anything but elder brodie had to ask president clark somethings.  so she was never given the yes or the no.  so she was extremely nervous.  ok put her on hold.  we had a bunch of ideas for appointments but everything kind of didn't work out except for our lesson with our recent convert jerni.  he is a stud.  we finally conviced him to let us go to his house.  we've just been meeting at the church.  so we walked quite a ways and finally made it to his tiny 7 by 9 foot house.  without even being invited, his neighbor just came and sat in our circle.  nice.  referral.  he has been telling us about her and her husband for a while now.  so we had an awesome lesson with her.  her husband came home toward the end and joined in.  they are great people.  they both said the story of joseph smith was interesting and if it was all true they would probably join this church.  we set up a return appointment.  so there you go.  next we had some time before our next appointment and i'll be honest i was feeling kind of lazy to do much, there wasn't that much free time,  but jerni wanted to follow us so we went to some flats that a ton of members live at.  we visited one sweet less active family and had a good lesson with them priming the pump for referrals.  we went to another member's house but they weren't home.  there was a bunch of little kids nearby and they were really talkative to us.  they told us that the member was at the next flat over visiting someone.  they all said that they've met the missionaries before and a few of them have even been to our church before.  hmm potential referrals.  so we went and found the member to say hi and follow up on last week's referral lesson.  they remembered that i asked them where i could get a basket made out of plastic strips.  they told me that the neighbor right there could make them and they were christian.  so us and the member went over and talked with the neighbor.  she was happy to see us and she said she could make one in one hour.  we said we would come back next week and asked if we could share a message about Christ with their family.  she said also can!  cha ching referrals.  so that turned out to be way productive.  
Sara (13), Deborah's daughter
the day was not yet over.  last of all deborah set up an appointment for us to have dinner with the larson's and have a lesson.  can lah.  they live in the same building as the larsons so we had it at the larson's house.  there was us two, the larsons, the sisters, deborah, sara, rebecca, and flora flora was there to get the final word on her baptism.  she was so nervous she couldn't sit still.  we were talking a lot.  after talking with pres she kept saying what if i don't pass oh no oh no oh no.  well eventually elder brodie came over and said flora there's no problem you passed.  it was cool.  she was just like really excited but then she just looked at us and then just started crying.  oh man it made me want to cry.  she is so awesome.  really.  she still has no support from her family but she knows this is the truth and she is 100 percent dedicated.  sweet.  after that the night only got better.  deborah made incredible organic vietnamese food.  it was so good.  sister larson made some great bread pudding.  wow so so good.  we got everyone under control and gathered around for a lesson.  the lesson was good.  at one point deborah took a huge tangent and just started talking about her recent experiences.  it was good.  she said she has really been thinking about the things we shared.  she said she had a dream one night after praying.  she saw the names of a ton of churches.  on top of them all was the name mormon.  it was bigger than the rest.  not sure exactly how, but she understood this to mean that this is the one to follow.  she asked her lawyer friend and her doctor friend for advice.  one said definitely follow that prompting you've recieved.  the other was still very skeptical.  she told us about some recent opposition because she has been investigating this church.  but she told us that she doesn't care because she hasn't seen or heard anything bad from us.  she kept saying this is true this is true.  right then we talked about baptism and she committed to a date.  it was a little far out but it is great.  there are so many side stories i could tell you about her but she has been through a lot.  that was an awesome lesson.  toward the end i was just really emotional.  i bore my testimony and told her kids how great their mom was.  i almost was crying.   they are having a huge family crisis right now but i can just see so plainly how the gospel can help them.  it really does bring families together.  i really hope it all works out. 
Me and Stanley Chua at the Chinese New Year Party
     well that was sunday.  it was great.  right now we are on fire with referrals.  things are looking awesome.  i wish i could tell you everything that is going on here.         i hope that story even made sense.  it is hard to put such powerful spiritual emotions into words ya know?          oh well, i'll always remember it.  yesterday we did splits in sandakan.   i still love that place.  also these last few days have been chinese new year.  it is a fun time.  we saw an incredible lion dance.  look it up on youtube.  they dance on each other's shoulders on tall posts.  crazy.  i love my mission!!  last week i was out of my area, this week i was out, next week is zone conference in bintulu sarawak, the following week we'll be in tawau, and the week after that will be another zlc.  as long as we keeping having days like last sunday i don't have to worry about being out of my area too long.  ha ha.  well i'm almost 21...weird.  i'm old.  thanks for all your prayers and support.  i love you guys!
Chinese New Year's Feast at
Pres. Francis Simon's House
elder petersen

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Passport Power...less

hey guys
     sorry this is late.  thanks for the awesome emails.  sounds like things are going good back home.  seriously i don't know what you would send me that i can't find here.  i mean it's the thought that counts.  let me know.  thanks though.  my 21st birthday isn't that big of a deal...  actually i just bought some cool things today.  yeah we used to be in the same branch as the sisters.  but the other companionship got pulled out of the other branch.  so we replaced them and gave kk1 completely to the sisters.  oh well.  now i get to meet even more members.  it's been ok so far.  i don't know if i'll be that social when i get home dad.  i mean i haven't changed that much ha ha.  ok we can all sit around and eat crossed legged on the floor with our hands when i get home.  also can.  i loved your basketball analogy.  agreed.  i think missionary work is also a team thing.  in a companionship then also in working with the branch.  your letter wasn't spiritual but i admit i got a little teary eyed.  it was good.  i can just imagine all of the flags and what the police officers thought as they drived through that.  also the story about the messerley's was awesome.  i hope i can meet up with some of my recent converts in 40 years and find that they are still faithful in the gospel.  that would be incredible.
     well right now i am down in kuching sarawak.  look it up on the map.  in a few hours i will go to sibu sarawak.  we have zone leader council tomorrow and then missionary leadership training the next day.  i'm in kuching on a 9 hour layover.  because of chinese new year it is impossible to get reasonable flight tickets.  so i met up with stratton and howell the kuching zl's.  brodie is going through singapore on a visa run.   it's pretty sweet here.  i bought some souvenier type things.  cool stuff is pretty expensive though.  zlc should be a blast tomorrow.  oh i wanted to tell you that i ate the peanut butter and jelley popcorn.  it was just like caramel popcorn basically.  but it was good no doubt.  also the flaming hot cheetos.  not so hot.  just like sour.  like vinegar.  made my jaw hurt but didn't make my nose run or my eyes water like spicy food here does.  but again thanks.
     since brodie's been here we've been at work.  he is a pretty smart guy and a really hard worker.  i imagine dad being a lot like him when he was a missionary.  i think as we get to know each other more we will have a lot of fun.  he does kind of dominate in the lessons so far.  but he was just with a greenie who probably didn't know how to speak the language.  we'll get it.  we basically didn't have any investigators to start out so we just visited the two member families i knew.  the branch president's family and the 1st counselor's family.  they were really nice.  ha ha really funny.  we got to know them and had a good referral pumping lesson.  we actually got some on the spot but we told them to think about it and we'd be back later this week.  i think they oldest son wants us to meet his friend's family.  i pray it works out.  on sunday one of the old branch presidents, a 28 year old single guy named curdy, took us around and we met a lot more members and got to know our area.  we actually got a bunch more referrals.  the dismal week actually turned out really good.  we got a lot of referrals and a lot of new investigators.  i hope we can build on this momentum. 
     brodie went on a visa run the other day.  he came back and they only gave him 7 days in malaysia.  freak.  so we spent two days at immigration running around trying to fill out a bunch of paper work for an extention to the regular 90 days.  well after going to a few different buildings and stuff we still got stopped up.  the guy looked through all of the papers we filled out, the photo copy of his passport, the i.c. of a local member, the signature of a local church leader, etc, and then he was like uh no sorry we can't give this to you what??  elder brodie just asked to see the boss.  so we met her in a little room and had a good chat with her.  she said nope.  so brodie hopped on a plane to singapore.  hopefully i meet up with him tonight.  we'll see.  those people with the stamps have too much power.
     we did have an awesome miracle occur.  we were looking through our area book and we called an old investigator that the elders haven't seen since october.  she immediately answered and said she wanted to meet right then.  also can.  later she told us that she never answers numbers she doesn't recognize.  but she felt like she just should.  so that alone was sweet.  she said maybe, only maybe she would come on sunday.  so sunday morning we were at the church and brodie remembered to give her a call.  she said she was already planning on coming with her two kids as well.  wow sweet.  so she came and had a great time.  later she told brodie that that morning she was trying to decide whether to go to our church or the anglican church.  she was reading the bible in timothy and somehow it motivated her to go to ours.  within minutes after that is when brodie called.  she said that just confirmed it and she had to come.  so she is doing great.  i'll update you next week but we are really excited for her and her daughters.
     well i have to run and catch a flight.  i'm like a business man ha ha.  this mission is crazy.  i don't know any mission like it.  i fly way too much.  anyways i love you all.  say hi to the whole gang.  pray for me.  see you soon.
elder petersen

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Letter from President & Sister Clark

Dear Robert and Lori,
President Clark and I want to take this time to send a special message out to the families of all of our missionaries.  We want to let you know of our deepest love and appreciation to your son for his willingness and preparation to come and serve the Lord.  We express our most sincere gratitude to you for entrusting Elder Petersen into our care and also to the Lord’s service.  Heavenly Father is mindful of all those who answer the call to serve. 
It can be hard to be away from family and loved ones during special holidays and family events.  We left our children and grandchildren and loved ones all behind when we came to Singapore 2 ½ years ago.  But almost instantaneously upon our arrival here, our missionaries etched themselves into our hearts, as if they had been our own biological sons and daughters.  Please know that our love for Elder Petersen is an unconditional one.  We will be finishing our mission at the end of June 2012 and a wonderful, new mission president and wife will arrive.  But even after we leave to go home, we will still carry this love for our missionaries with us, for the rest of our lives. 
We were told during our training at the MTC, that we will not know whether or not we were successful as a mission president and wife until we see the lives of our missionaries many years from now.  If our missionaries have gained good educations or employment skills, married in the temple and are raising strong eternal families in the Gospel, then we know that our mission was a success.  This is what we hope and pray for Elder Petersen.
He is now in a position of “trust and confidence” within the mission, serving as a zone leader.  The church is only 15 years old in Kota Kinabalu, so he gets to experience the “pioneer era” of the church in Malaysia.  The Kota Kinabalu District, with only 4 branches scattered separated by hundreds of miles, has the most local young men and women out serving fulltime in the mission field of any one of our 8 districts in the entire mission.  That shows a dedication on the part of the local leaders.  He gets to work with these wonderful 1st generation Latter day Saints to help the area to keep growing. 
There is no greater gift that can be given to the Savior, than to be a dedicated full time servant of the Lord in proclaiming the Gospel.  We hope that this New Year 2012 brings happiness for your family. 

Please feel free to email us if you ever have any questions or concerns. 
President Terrence A Clark         Sister Laraine M Clark           

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

KK Shake up

hey fam bamily
     it's good to hear from you.  that is awesome that kolton is set apart.  i won't see that kid for a really long time...oh well ha ha.  wow.  i wasn't nearly as sick as you but i've been really down lately.  like i'm fine but my bowels aren't.  nothing is staying in me if you know what i'm saying.  ha ha.  sheesh.  it's not fair that i get to sleep downstairs?  ha ha.  why would you want to sleep down there.  i'll trade any of them for an actual room to my self upstairs.  ha ha well maybe.  actually probably not.  nice already planning a trip for when i get home.  that's what i'm talking about.  i think i would rather do southern utah.  anything can though.  wow steffanie april 10 eh? that's close to me.  like dad says hopefully we don't speak on the same sunday.  i want to hear what she has to say.  that's sweet.  you wouldn't believe it but i do hear a little bit about the election over here.  from what i can see there is a lot of low shots.  it seems like it would happen everytime but it seems like until there is one canidate that the party is all divided.  seems counter productive.  it seems like romney is in the lead.  true or not?  oh well i don't really care right now.  seriously sister song replaced sister wong ha ha.  dad your band foto is a crack up.  you just do not get embarrassed do you?  haha i can just hear spence asking nathaniel who he likes. that is funny.  hey don't let me coming home stop you from going out camping.  i'll just meet you guys at the house.  in fact, my friend can just pick me up.  i'll hold down the fort until you get done with the vacation.  seriously don't let me stop you.  i know what you're saying about the ward boundaries thing.  it is a big problem here and especially in singapore.  but it is different.  here the concern is where does a recent convert attend church.  with the friend that referred them or in their boundry?  president clark says every time it is better that they go with their friend for at least a year plus.  then eventually of course they must go to their geographical assignment.  the singapore stake pres kind of disaggrees.  here in malaysia though pres clark is the law so that's what we do.  my question is this.  should a ysa be required to go to the single's ward.  i just told thomas my post mission plans and he said he didn't know yet if he was going to the home or the single's ward.  well i feel like we should go to which ever one we can actually help.  after serving with a bunch of flaky members i just really wish that they would go where they were supposed to and i've always been extremely thankful for the members that were strong and added to the branch.  i think the single's ward would definitely welcome us.  but is it required? nope don't really want anything for my birthday. 
     well this last week was crazy.  like you knew hawkins went home.  so me bradley and laycock pal'd around for the week.  at the start of the week, we went to singapore like i told you.  then at the end of the week we tried to see all of the recent converts and investigators between the two areas.  on saturday morning disaster struck.  we were waiting and waiting for the assistants to call.  they were supposed to tell us transfer news.  i'm zone leader so i find out early right.  we expected somebody to come be with bradley and then a zone leader to replace laycock.  nope elder bradley got transferred to JB and elder laycock got transferred to Sibu Jaya.  Elder Brodie was coming up here.  so yeah that's the scoop.  only two elders up here.  sucks.  oh well.  should be good.  laycock and bradley are going to two awesome areas.  the rest of the empty zone leader positions in east malaysia got filled up with some really awesome elders.  so that is sweet. the real disaster is that me and brodie are going to cover kk2 not kk1. so i have to give the sisters everything i had going including the amazing flora.  nooooo.  and now we have no investigators and we are in the smaller branch and the non christian part of the city.  oh man!!  it's alright though.  from what i heard elder brodie is really sweet and a hard worker so i see big things soon.
Elder Brodie
     after transfer news we were pretty unmotivated to work because i didn't want to work in the sisters' area and the other two were leaving.  but you know me, we went out and worked anyways.  luckily that night we had a baptism.  it was a cool guy named Jerni.  he is indonesian.  he is really short.  maybe 23.  he is actually a gardener for the church and the sisters contacted him one rainy day when they ran to the church for cover.  so cool story.  also to top that off our recent convert elly baptized him.  me and laycock were so proud.  he had to do it a few times but he eventually got it.  awesome! elly's family came to watch so we had a lot of investigators there as well.   really cool.
     so this morning really early both the kids left and i went on splits with our bml.  elder brodie just got here.  he's cool.  i don't know the other branch at all though.  i don't know the area or the members.  there are no investigators.  so i don't know what we will do the next few days.  ha ha.  pray for me. oh and brodie has to go on a visa run friday.   ha ha oh man.  so yeah that's all i got today.  the last week was really fun.  i really like my son.  elder Laycock is so cool.  i got so lucky to get a good greenie.  and i got to be companions with elder bradley.  he is also awesome.  last night before we fell asleep we were just talking about all the funny random things that have happened in the past 3 months.  i've loved my time here. i hope the next three months is good too. 
     for my birthday...i don't really need anything.  i'm sick of junk food.  i don't really want money either.  if you give me money tell me something specific that i must buy with it.  even if it is as small as one ringgit or as big as 200 ringgit.  if you don't i won't get anything. i love you guys.  have fun back home.  i'll come crash the party soon!
elder petersen

Earthquake and Drivers License

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Lori Petersen wrote:
Hey so Aunt janet just called, and she said about 2 hours ago an earthquake hit Indonisia, Did you feel it? Are You alright!! anywho, we love you, and can't wait to see you. Work hard.
Love your favorite youngest sister, Mollie :).....and Jaynanne.
On Jan 10, 2012, at 9:27 PM, Trevor Christian Petersen wrote:
i'm like so far from indonesia ha ha ha we don't feel anything.  did you feel it ha ha
On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:30 PM, Lori Petersen wrote:
Hi, I just got home from Oskar's BB game.  The quake was in Banda Aceh where the tsunami hit in 2004 after the same kind of earthquake.  It's the west tip of indonesia.  Straight west of Butterworth.
On Jan 10, 2012, at 9:36 PM, Trevor Christian Petersen wrote:
oh yeah i'm pretty much as far from that as anyone could be in this mission.  ha ha but thanks for your concern.  did you check out my drivers license?!!
On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Lori Petersen wrote:
Yeah, I forgot to tell you.  Not pretty.  Sorry.  It's a 3 month process to renew.  You have to do it in person.  When you get home, we'll go in, apply and you have to wait 4-6 weeks.  I think this is because it actually expires while you're out of the country.
On Jan 10, 2012, at 9:48 PM, Trevor Christian Petersen wrote:
FREAK  i'm still driving.  don't worry i've never been pulled over.  what about my motorcycle endorsement
On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:49 PM, Lori Petersen wrote:
hmmm  I'm assuming that stays with it???
i hope so

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wong Song New Year

hey family.
     thanks for all the awesome emails.  no need to work dad.  ha ha.  i don't even know where to start finding a job and this could be the last free summer of my life.  but i agree i've got to eventually find something.  it would be a blast to go back east with you.  but it does seem potentially boring.  you'll have to make it sound more enticing.  what else could we do.  i would be great with sleeping at koa's.  maybe just leave the girls home.  yeah, the hike, in the Teton's, it's brutal.  if we did the same as i did that one time it was nearly 50 miles.  50 steep miles.  i was dead.  oh man i can just imagine oskar ha ha and i can just imagine you walking into that bathroom and laughing at him.  i would.  well that's too bad that you were all sick.  GO UTES!!  i don't even know how the presidential primaries work.  maybe you could explain that to me.  ok the last thing is my ipod touch, guitar, and bed.  it's not that big of a deal but seriously all three of those were gifts to me.  like if someone recieves a gift that means they own that thing right?  and these are all not cheap things.  if there is some sort of replacement then ok that's fine but you can't just up and take them.  not cool.  i'll admit the bed, not a big deal.  the guitar, i never played but i could sell it, it's really nice.  the ipod on the other hand, that is definitely mine.  on all three of those birthdays that is basically the only thing i got.  think about it. 
New Year's Eve with members
     well yup this was a pretty good week.  first was transfers.  one of the assistants went home, and like 4 zone leaders.  president clark did something new and he called four assistants.  two are specifically for east malaysia and two for west.  interesting.  they are pretty good guys.  i'll be honest i really like the assistants in west malaysia.  oh well.  so there was no other transfers this week.  there's just a few three-somes including us here in kk.  next week a new group comes in so there will be transfers then.  pretty sure laycock is gone and two guys will come up here.  i should probably get put with an older missionary.  hopefully.  also a sister from singapore got transferred here.  her name is sister song.  she's pretty cool but really no one could replace sister wongi got a few letters from back home.  one was from the johnson's.  it was great.  tell them thanks a lot.  i can't believe joe is getting married. do you know when?  crazy.  also i got a letter from the bowdens with a bunch of letters from the primary inside.  they were so funny.  i was going to type them all out for you but i forgot to bring them to the internet kedai.  next time.  mikell manning's was so funny.  she said people were going crazy there.  i just remembered that my driving liscense expires on my birthday.  can you please check and see if you can extend it three months or something.  i don't want to have to reapply for anything.  please.
     on monday sister wong and hawkins died.  actually it was kind of sad.  we've been joking about it for a long time but i can't believe the day actually came.  we went out to the airport with them and with a bunch of members.  looking back i've been in the same city as hawkins since last april except for a short time in butterworth.  definitely one of the missionaries i've been around the longest.  i really like him.  we've had a lot of fun together.  high quality guy.  well that will be me soon.  i don't want to go home.  i'll try not to think about it for three months.  

tuesday we went on a visa run.  it was great.  we got to eat carl's jr and see some of the sights.  in the evening we went to the webb's.  they are so awesome.  they were happy to see me and they gave us awesome american food.  they gave me an update on michelle.  i don't know if you even remember her but we spent a lot of time with them teaching her.  she is from china and after being baptized she went back to china.  she miraculously found the church there thanks to bishop neff from the expat ward.  it's kind of a hush hush thing so i thought she would never find it.  

i'm so happy she is attending.  she is a pioneer for that country.  she is planning to meet the webbs in hong kong in the summer and go to the temple to do baptisms.  that would be so so so awesome.  i hope it works out.  i can't even tell you how excited i am to hear the news.  i love the webbs. we just got back from singapore so that is why i'm emailing so late.  somehow we got the hookups and on one of our four flights we took singapore airlines.  ha ha it was so nice!  i think it is pretty expensive.  thank you sister garret!
     We have this one really miraculous investigator.  i might have already told you about her.  oh well.   Her name is Flora. She is a co-worker of Peter Wong who is in the branch presidency and about to go on his mission to Texas. 

Singapore Merlion
She has been having some big trials in her life and Peter said, "if you want to find peace follow me" and brought her to church. Ever since we miraculously met her at Lawrence's baptism she's been on fire. That night she read the lesson 1 pamphlet over and over until 2 am. Since then she watched the restoration dvd back to back three times and as read moroni 10 serveral times taking notes on everything. She told us it was true. She told us that she was receiving some opposition from her family but she followed the example of Joseph in the dvd who didn't retaliate or lash back at the preachers for mocking him. She just told us that she knows that what she has read is definitely true. We asked her if she would like to prepare for baptism on the first week of february but she said "actually I think I can do it in one month" so she moved it to January 28th. Awesome! Our biggest problem now is that the sisters want to steal her from us.
     well i love it over here.  thanks for all of the support and help.  say hi to everybody back home.  i got some pictures from bradley mccann and i did not recognize him.  have i changed that much?  i feel like i look the exact same.  john told me i look more lanky.  ha ha my new year's resolution is to gain weight.  ok stay healthy.  kalau kamu rasa sakit, jangan jauh lagi dari tandas!

elder petersen