Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It is so True. Through and through. There is no Flaw.

holy cow
    i am speechless. i really don't know what to say.    so dad it sounds to me that with reona you guys lost.  i mean she basically had no case against you because of how clear grandpa's trust was but she still ended up with so much.   true?  but it does sound good that it is settled and you can all move on.  you said cash will all be split but what about all of his possessions.  man who knew that it could be such a hassle to divide up one's assets.  sounds like you did have some fun this week.  that's good.  spencer!  nice going to prom.  i know his lips are sealed but come on how was it?  i need a picture. well i plan to have some fun with thomas for a few weeks before work or school settles in.  we'll see but you'll have to give me some ideas.
      well i had a real good week out here in kk.  i love it here.  the biggest highlight of the week was flying down to miri sarawak thursday for a conference with elder perkins on friday.  it was a lot of fun.  i love those kind of conferences.  haha there are some real characters in our mission.  elder perkins is so cool.  he is the asia area president.  he is an inspired man.  it is just so nice to talk with general authorities.  he can see the whole big picture where as we can only see a little tiny piece.  one interesting thing he said was that china will not open anytime soon.  he says when china opens it will take off.  people are already being baptized pretty quick there.  the church really couldn't handle the growth. there's not enough missionaries.  interesting.  he also said to keep up our language skills.  he said if the muslim world ever opens up to the gospel, malaysia would automatically need 4 missions,  indonesia would be about 30 more.  how valuable as senior couples could we be or in some other capacity.  cool thought.  he gave some good marriage advice.  i took good notes.  also he gave good insights into teaching.  teaching about tithing especially.  that was his main focus.  i can't even tell you anything he said because i wouldn't do it justice but it was good.  believe me.
     well we used to have a ton of investigators but they've slowly been weeded out.  it's kind of sad really how many we've dropped but we are left with quite a few solid ones.  the other day we were teaching a lady named Welista and all of her kids.  they are really crazy but so so cute.  ha ha there are five from the range 2-11.  we keep our lessons pretty short because they don't have very long attention spans.  but monday we started our lesson off by singing keluarga dapat kekal selamanya (families can be together forever).  i was surprised how quite and focused they got.  it was spiritual.  it's times like those that i will really miss.  sitting on the floor in a circle with a awesome family like that singing a primary song.  there's no feeling like it.  that family was all able to come to church on sunday and they really liked it.  it was so good to see.
     we met one investigator on sunday that we thought was ready to drop us.  she was texting us earlier and she sent a message something like this "honey it will be ok, i gave the church books back, don't worry love, see you soon"  clearly we weren't supposed to get that message.  we thought it was going to her dad or something because she was talking about seeing him.  we thought oh no maybe he turned on us and doesn't like us.  and we thought she was ready to give us all of the pamphlets and book of mormon back.  we were worried.  later we met her and much to our "comfortable surprise"  ha she was doing great.  that message was to her boyfriend.  she had books from another church and she gave them back to that church because she has chosen to follow our church.  on top of that she said her boyfriend and also her parents want to meet us.  so it was a big relief.  she is still doing really well.
    everything else is just sort of slowly going along you know.  things are going good.  the branch is doing really well.  the zone is doing pretty good.  this evening we are flying to sibu to have zone leader counsel with pres clark.  should be good.  it will be my last flight before my final flight, my "final transfer".  i can't believe it. 
     well thomas sent me a sweet email.  i kind of updated him by forwarding him most of dad's last email.  well between thomas's email and dad's email and even mom's short but powerful email i just want to say how lucky i am.  how blessed am i?  like i said a few weeks ago why do i deserve this.  to oskar, mollie, spencer, jaynanne, and abbie you have to know how awesome mom and dad are.  it is amazing.  we're so lucky.  i really love you all.  i'm so glad i have an awesome family.  i am so grateful i have awesome friends like john and thomas.  i'm grateful i have an awesome bishop like bishop lippert and awesome neighbors like his family and the slacks and stowers.  above all i'm grateful for this gospel.  it is so true.  through and through.  there is no flaw.  i understand it a lot better than i used to.  i hope i can do as good as dad in raising a family in the future.  i have a great vision of being way dedicated to the church and keeping the commandments for the rest of my life.  i know i'm not perfect but i plan to do my best.  thank you all for everything.  can't wait to see you again.  i hope i can hear from oskar, mollie, spencer, jaynanne, and abbie before i come home.  i love you so much.  have a good week.
elder petersen

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