Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Airport Wrap Up...Love

Just waiting to leave in the Singapore Airport...

   this last week was awesome.  it was so fun.  the biggest thing was our baptism on saturday.  i'll have to tell you about it all some other time but the lady's name was josephine.  she chose me to baptize her. i was actually nervous for some reason.  but i got in there and got it done.  it went well.  after they closed the doors on the font and she went up in to the women's side i was just all alone in the font.  i was so just happy.  i just said a prayer right there of thanks.  i couldn't stop smiling.  it was a great feeling.  
   we had 5 investigators come to the baptism so it was great.  and right after that we had a branch social. our investigators loved it.  i can't wait to show you all my pictures.  sunday was also a big day.  i had to bear my testimony in two sacrament meetings.  in the first one i was just really emotional.  oh man i was pretty teary.  i joked it off pretty well.  nobody kacau'd me about it.  really nice.  i love those branches.  i just can't believe that soon i will wake up and not be in malaysia, i won't be in asia, i won't be elder petersen.  that's too weird.  it makes me sad.  
on monday a few people came to the airport with us.  laura and elsie harun, cicie, and flora.  flora was really sad.  she gave me a gift.  she is incredible.  she is one person i for sure have to look up when i ever come back to malaysia.  it was a teary goodbye.  last in the airport i gave my favorite family in sandakan a call.  oh wow they were just all sad.  they are my favorite people i've met here.  they were the hardest to say goodbye to.  i just really hope they can stay strong in the church.  they are in a small struggling branch.  i always pray for them.  
     i can't believe it.  this is it.  i'm in the airport about to begin my long trip home.  wow what an adventure it's been.  i'm just speechless.  all i can say is it was worth it.  i had an incredible time.  i knew the mission would be awesome but i didn't really know what to expect.  i have seriously made life long friends.  i've never had so many people in tears to see me go.  most of my relationships were pretty short but it was real you know.  i have a deep love for the people i've taught and baptized.  i can only imagine the day we meet again.  i won't be able to stop crying ha ha.  i can't wait to see you guys again.  it will be glorious.  i've been telling everyone for two years how awesome you are so i hope you are still awesome.   I love you a ton.  see you later today!
elder petersen

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