Thursday, May 13, 2010

Singapore Airport headed to Sandakan May 14

well hello.
i am in the singapore airport using their free internet.  its pretty sweet here.  i am about to get on a plane to KL then to Sandakan.  i'm pretty nervous.  i met my companion, elder carter, he's pretty cool.  me and him are the only elders in our district.  we're all alone up there.  i believe they are putting a senior couple up there as well.  i heard that up there is where they speak the best malay so hopefully i will do good at learning it.  these last few days have been crazy.  i have been pretty busy with trainings and stuff.  last night we went out into singapore to do some first time contacting.  it was so fun.  we went and ate on the street first.  very interesting.  i had sweet and sour pork with chicken rice and vegetables.  it was good.  then we went contacting in front of this big mall place.  i talked to this one guy on the bus who had the singapore record for the 7 by 7 rubik's cube.  he was really nice and really interested.  we talked for a while and i gave him the missionary's number.  after we got off the bus one of the other elders told me that he was muslim.  we can't teach muslims.  so i guess i struck out.  i tried to contact this other really nice lady but she was also muslim.  oh well. it was fun.  p-day is now on wednesday so i will talk to you next week. wish me luck!
elder petersen

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