Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I made it!!! May 12, 2010 1:57:28 AM MDT

i survived.  it took 24 hours and 45 minutes to get from salt lake city to singapore.  we were in the air for 18 hours and thirtyish minutes.  oh man it is so hot here.  

No name tags allowed 

as soon as we got here the mission president and his wife and a senior couple and the assistants brought us out to lunch.  they took a bunch of pictures.  it was just a bunch of rice and curry on a huge banana leaf and we ate with our right hand.  haha 

Right Hands only...on banana leaves...

No Forks? Nope!

it was weird  my first area is at the top of east malaysia in a city called sandakan, i think.  it is very small.  president clark said that they have been struggling.  we'll see what happens.  i'll email you again in a few days i guess. bye!

Elder Petersen

Elders Tovar, Thurman, Trevor...Williams and Sis Hite


  1. Its a very small place, Sandakan was my first area. i was there for 9 months. Even as a Malaysian, i kinda went through a culture shock. its a very poor small and poor place compared to the west part of Malaysia.
    However the members there are very strong.

  2. To - malvinder88: That is crazv! I hope he does ok. In your opinion, what does he need the most? What can we send him?

  3. Its a walking area.. so socks, polyester ties, ... Christ stickers or bookmarks,or small painting print outs that he can give to members or investigators. no DESERET bookstores here, so stuff like that is prized. Only catholic and Anglican bookstores here.
    If he is there for a long time... shoes. lastly... Candy for him and his companion .