Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baptisms 4 weeks in a row...Rock on Sandakan!

Ronny Ning, Sujira, Elexson, Christoper, Surima
onuabar! (hello in bahasa sungai (river people language) a minor language in sandakan)

     oh man so much to say and so little time.  i want to respond to your emails but i can't remember everything you've said.  lets see...that sucks that utah lost. oh well. go jazz! snicket sounds cool.  jonathan being baptized is awesome. yeah we got new manuals i think. yeah i got janets email.  that was cool.  oskar don't cry over spilt milk.  ha i didn't even play basketball when i was your age and i turned out pretty good.  oh wait yeah i did.  ha ha.  james is the man.  i'm excited for him. 
Ronny Ning, Sufira, Elexson, Christoper, Surima

     so right now i'm in singapore.  this letter is going to be short probably.  that's what i say every time.  last week we had four baptisms!  rock on sandakan.  
there was surima and her three kids christoper elexson and sujira.  they are pretty cool.  they are also a referral from the ning family.  the baptism went very well.  their cousin and recent convert of 17 ronny ning baptized them.  he was pro.  i conducted.  i was able to confirm christoper on sunday.  the dad was right on track to be baptized but he can't quite kick smoking.  when we met him he was at 17ish a day.  he's dropped down to 5 so that's pretty good.  he also got a job where is away from home for like 19 or 20 hours a day.  ha susah. don't worry he'll make it.  
Sujira, Elexson, Christpoer, Surima

so this rounds of my recent converts at 21, but who's counting right.  wow have i been blessed.  when i got into sandakan it was dead.  there hadn't been a baptism in a year.  we went to the right places and met the right people and now wow look at the results.  its awesome.  we have had a baptism every saturday for 4 weeks in a row.  i hope to match this pace again later on my mission.  that would be so cool.  we're not going to be having any baptisms for a few weeks but there is some on the horizon.  don't fret.  we had this tradition where the saturday after the baptism we ordered pizza.  so for 4 weeks in a row we got two regular hawaiian chicken pizzas.  i'll miss that this weekend.
right now i'm in singapore.  its huge!  its a sweet place but i don't know if i could serve here.  there are a lot of people.  we're having some fun right now.  there's a good group of guys doing visa runs this week.  in two weeks we should be going to KL another training. well i'm out of time.  i have to go but keep up the faith.  send me a christmas package cepat!  i don't know what i want.  maybe some mac and cheese.  maybe just some money so i can buy a cool souvenier.  hey dad did you check my accounts.  i want to know.  i love you! don't fight.  read the scriptures. do whats right.  saya paling baik!

elder petersen

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