Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wedding Cheers & Steamboat Chow

where are you (a common greeting by the local ruffians haha)
     so did the storm hit!  it sounds like it was something from a movie, like from the 'day after tomorrow' or something.  are you all alright? oh man that game sounded awesome!  at a boy oskar, believe!  i miss those intense gut-wrenching-palm-sweating-roller-coaster-of-emotions-come-out-on-top games.  they are the best.  but when you lose, oh man you are sad.  i've got high hopes for utah next week most because it is at rice eccles stadium.  if they win, email the weilands to tell me.  if they lose i'll see next week.  ha ha carter kids, ha ha byu fans.  ha ha that was the best part.  yeah singapore is a blast everytime.  its a money drainer though.  the exchange rate isn't very good from ringget to singapore dollar.  so it takes a hit into our monthly support.  yeah they drive on the left there and also here in malaysia.  sweet jaynanne.  going to the dances! tell me about it.  dad dustin randall is travis randall's little brother.  remember him from our basketball team in 6th grade? that funny big kid?! ha hafor christmas i suggest you all donate all of your belongings, except for two outfits a blanket and some meager food, to charity. that would be what i would do if i was there this year.  but it's your descision.  thanks for my totals.  it seemed like it was a little more before, oh well.  keep it how it is.  say hi to wendy wilkins for me.  actually send me their address.  i have some post cards but i don't know who to send them too.  what great people!

     this week was a little cut into because of our trip to Singapore but there is still stuff to tell you.  first of all i can't remember if i've told you some of the things that are different than america, but i've just gotten used to them.  you've got to ask me questions so i can remember.  for example: crossing the roads.  ha there is no such thing as a cross walk or a little walking man at the traffic lights.  it's every man for himself!  it was especially hard when i first got here because i wasn't sure to look left or right because they were on the wrong side of the road.  you've just got to time it and the shoot the gap!  its like real life frogger!  maybe i should have played more frogger before the mission.    another thing is that every road has a median.  maybe a few only don't.  so when you turn on to a road you only have one option.  every road is one way until you get to a roundabout or a u turn spot.  interesting.  they only have 3 tv channels if they use an antenna only.  most people have rabbit ears.  the rich have astro satelite tv.  but the people we teach only have the three stations.  tv1 tv2 and tv3.  ha we've come to know a few of the programs because some of our investigators are devoted soap opera fans.  and each channel has a catchy jingle for their station.  ha ha oh malaysia.

     i have a question for you daddio.  at church some of the members were laughing because one of the deacons kept switching what hand he passed with.  they said we should all pass with the right hand and take with the right hand.  their reasoning made sense but is it true?  i was the only one who said it wasn't true.  i got a lot of grief.  i told them to show me where in the D&C it said it.  i told them to find instruction from a prophet or find it in the handbook.  i still haven't seen any proof.  it seems like if that was true that they would reiterate it over and over when i was in deacons quorum or it would be something we told our investigators.   i've never heard anyone say that.  let me know.

     the work here is progressing like usual.  we just recieved a great referral family of filipino's from Jessica.  they are really nice and have a bunch of kids with 2 over eight.  near to jessica's house last sunday there was a big wedding.  we were going to go teach jessica's husband but there was just way too much noise.  they wedding was on this big platform above the trashy water and they had a live band.  so we just visited and watched the wedding.  anybody can go up to congratulate the couple and get your picture with them.  so we went up.  ha when we got to the front there, everyone started clapping and cheering.  i'm telling you i'm a celebrity here in malaysia.  just because i'm white.  but we congratulated them and got a picture.  

they were very nice.  i'll send you a picture next week.  never again in my life probably will i be able to just stand up and recieve tons of applause.  i love it :)

     the last thing i wanted to tell you about was the steamboat!  it was two weeks ago.  there are these restaraunts with this thing called a steamboat.  it is awesome!  we found this one restaraunt on top of a 'mountain' overlooking the sandakan bay.  it's 25 ringget and it's all you can eat.  they put a burner on your table with a pot of soup stuff.  then they have this big table of raw meat.  you just cook and eat as much as you want.  we mostly concentrated on the beef and chicken.  after we were stuffed we ate prawn and crab also.  they have a broad range of seafood.  it was so so good.  we just sat on this table overlooking the town and pigged out.  it will be a repeat for sure.  also, they had bottomless ice cream and rice and soft drinksbut like i said we focused on the beef and chicken. 
  things are going great here.  next monday we go to KL for another mission training.  i don't think we'll have p-day on wednesday.  my email might come later.  it should be fun.  the church here is doing well.  we are aiming for high attendence to the christmas social and sacrement meeting.  let me know how thanksgiving goes.  say hi to everybody.  pray for the utes. kebenaran akan mengatasi!
elder petersen

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