Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Packets for Chinese New Year

sing yuen kwai le (another chinese new year greeting)
     i hope you all had a great chinese new year!  i love your emails.  they are just fascinating.  i makes me quite trunky.  man dad your theories are very interesting.   what you said about the muslims makes a lot of sense.  the muslims are interesting people.  they have great teachings.  unfortuneately for them, everybody focuses on the radical members that don't really represent the whole.  they are good people.  but they have a lot of problems.  i read this one book in sandakan about the history of islam.  it was good.  it's cool to learn about other religions.  your takes on the singles ward are interesting.  i think they sound great.  i don't see any downside to going to a singles ward.  eventually the singles will have families and move into a residential ward.  but not now.  singles wards are designed to help people of the same needs and concerns that sometimes get looked over in residential wards.  interesting.  that's pretty crazy that the stowers will move in.  so there is nothing in the basement? tv? fooseball? craft? will you have access to the cold room like when grandma and pa lived there?  hope it all goes well.  atta boy oskar.  don't let it go to your head.  i thought the temple was already closed and would open soon after i got home.  oh man i'll have to wait longer than anticipated.

     this week was quite prosperous and eventful.  we did in fact receive some red packets.  i got about 50 dollars.  which is more than i expected. one companionship got 100 each.  i can see that everything about chinese new year is about money and wealth and prosperity.  what a great tradition.  when i get home i expect to get red packets from you on chinese new year.  i expected there to be big celebrations here for the holiday but there was nothing.  everybody spends the time with their families.  the stores were all closed.  it was a ghost town.  none of our investigators really wanted to meet with us because they were busy.  which is understandable but it is a shame.
     speaking about rice krispie treats.  we had a dinner appointment with an australian family.  they are pretty cool.  there name is the dube's.  i guess brother dube was in charge of making the rice krispies.  ha ha he didn't follow all of the instructions.  he put like 3 times the amount of marshmellows and also a lot more vanilla.  they were delicious of course but they were loaded with sugar.  there was a thick layer of marshmellow that settled to the bottom of the dish.  ha ha it is better than them being too dry though that's for sure.
     no baptisms this week but we have been having awesome lessons with our investigators.  right now we are teaching some quality people.  i would say i am teaching as much as i was in malaysia.  the difference is that in malaysia we teach mostly families and here we teach single individuals.  a lot of students and maids and such.  also here they are very intelligent.  not to say that malaysians aren't smart, but they think different.  malaysians are more open and receptive.  here we have to be top notch.  we put michelle on baptismal date.  that's awesome.  she has awesome fellowshippers so she's doing really well.  i just realized that if i don't have a baptism this month, it'll be the first month since last july without a baptism.  that is 6 solid months of baptisms.  how awesome.  we'll see how this month plays out.
     well transfers are today.  elder dass got the boot.  i am in fact not training.  on the contrary, i will still be junior companion to elder thomas.  he is coming in from sibu.  he is in the same group as elder garrett that goes home in july.  i think he'll be pretty cool.  he's probably bummed about coming to singapore as most people are.  oh well.  there were a ton of transfers this week.  the whole mission got shaken up.  its cool.  i'm coming up on my year mark.  i want to do something to celebrate but i don't know what.  i'll probably burn something.  dad did you ever do anything like that? 
    on monday we had a dinner appointment right across the river from the singapore indoor stadium.  afterwords we went over and took a picture.  sorry jaynanne, that's as close as i'll get to taylor swift, standing outside the stadium.  at the time we were there, janet jackson was performing. we could hear it from outside.  at a restaraunt outside the stadium they were playing the superbowl.  we watched a few drives and i had to explain mostly all of the rules to dass.  we saw the packers intercept a pass and run it back for a touchdown and then we saw the steelers drive and score a field goal.  oh man it was so weird to watch.   it was the first time seeing american football in one year.  it was awesome.  ha ha trunky!
     well that's about it.  i was thinking about backpacking the other day.  i can't wait for our trip dad.  i love yellowstone but i really want to go on the teton crest again.  i don't know which would be better.  also we need new/more gear.  like filters and stuff.  i suggest you talk to dan mauchley from loll.  he would know the best stuff to get.  anyways have a good week.  stay warm. i know i will. dad you are right, our family is awesome!  us siblings are just so cool.  i'm glad we all get along and can have fun.  i miss you all.  keep up the missionary work.  mom see if you can get another baptism before i get home. ha ha but seriously.  alright peace out.
elder petersen

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