Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday is a Day of Rest

hey guys
     dad your email was great.  very interesting.  not too long.  i wish i had more to read actually.  a lot of my emailing has gone down hill.  nobody writes to me like when i first got here.  i guess that excitement is just gone.  i don't have a bike because i have not been in a biking area.  when a missionary gets transferred to a biking area they have to buy their own bike with personal funds.  in Sandakan we had buses and here we have buses.  oh well.  elder garrett absolutely hates the bike.  ha ha he loved sandakan for that reason.  your theories are very interesting.  it makes sense.   well guess what.  elder thomas is andy and amanda ward's nephew.  i was looking at some pictures that his family sent them of a party and the ward's were in it ha ha it was crazy.  his mom is andy's sister.  now that i think about it i remember them saying to me that they had a nephew on this mission.  it's funny that we ended up as companions.  small world.  yeah our cell phones are pretty nice.  i don't know how much it costs to call.  i know in malaysia missionary to missionary is free cause of our plan.  singapore to malaysia is more expensive but i don't know how much.  oh well.  it is a rare thing to call them anyways.  atta boy spencer going to loll!!!!  that is so awesome.  you'll love it.  hopefully you'll be more prepared than i was.  i didn't know what to expect.  bring warm clothes.  and slippers for the lodge.  just ask christian.  you'll have to tell me who is all working there.  it's probably all new people.  how long do you think delose will stay there?
     well that was all in response to your letter.  i don't have a lot to say this week.  first of all comment for spencer.  i remembered this the other day.  we went on a heck of a long fishing trip with grandpa.  we went to southern idaho or something.  anyways it was awful.  we didn't catch anything.  actually i broke my pole.  we had to ride home with grandpa.  he wanted to stop by an old idaho friend's house.  he talked forever and we were so so so so bored.  spencer do you remember?  it came to me the other day.  hey i saw a preview for a movie called 127 hours about that guy who cut off his own arm in southern utah.  is it any good.  good reviews?  it looks kind of cool.  jaynanne you disappoint.  i thought you would have someone that i could write a letter to.  you're killing me.  i need your help here.
     this week was slow actually.  but sunday was awesome.  sunday is the best day of our week probably.  we just have to hope that our investigators will come to church then besides that we just sit back and let the teachers teach.  this sunday we had 10 investigators at church.  it was amazing.  we were expecting 4 or 5 but a bunch showed up with their friends or what not.  it seems to me that the wards here are just very missionary minded.  they talk a lot about missionary work and inviting your friends.  it seems like back home we never really focused on that.  interesting.  we have 2 people on date.  daniel and michelle.  they are still doing good.  a few of our investigators tanked.   they just totally lost interest or something.  they were probably anti'd.  that's one thing about singapore.  everyone has access to anti mormon crap.  in malaysia that's not a big deal although it is there.  it is frustrating.  we had and still have a lot of dinner appointments this week and last week.  the white people ward is great.  they love us and love to feed us.  i have gained a little bit of weight.  but don't worry i still exercise.  we ate dinner at this one family's house.  they were excellent story tellers.  they would rival you dad.  the father just had so many mission and college stories.  they expected a lot of stories out of us too.  ha ha it was fun.  this morning we played some intense basketball.  there were about 10 of us elders there.  i know it's cold in utah but it is still dang hot here.  i was absolutely soaked in sweat.  we should have played inside.  but it was fun.  i was on the winning team every single time.  coincidence?...i think not!!  nothing crazy happens here like it does in malaysia.  i really just want to go back.  oh well it is fun here just not crazy.  ask me some specific questions and then i'll give you some specific information. 
     sorry it's short.  i've got to go.  say hi to the crew.  jaynanne work on those referrals.  invite a friend to church.  say hi to grandma. say hi to the stowers.  i love you.  munkin minggu depan saya akan tulis lebih daripada minggu ini. kamu pernah terjamahkan pesanan saya?
elder petersen

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