Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pets for Dinner?

     ha ha dad i like when you ramble.  it is always interesting still.  i remember seeing those pictures of me at a farm but i don't ever remember meeting aunt carolyn.  that's sad.  why are the stowers going to great britain?  ha ha random.  wow i am so jealous jaynanne is going to maui.  that is so cool.  too bad about boston though.  will that change your london plans at all?  hmmm i see the dilema about jaynanne going to utah state.  interesting.  well maybe it's that time jayanne.  start working.  ha ha i will try to put it off as long as i can.  but i am also going to try to get a car soon after i get back.  i'm talking cheap. yeah jaynanne go on a mission!  you'd be awesome.  there are some awesome sister missionaries.  in the wards i'm in a bunch of sisters just got back taiwan and canada and salt lake.  trust me there are plenty of good looking sister missionaries.  but i predict jaynanne will be the next one married.  so maybe not.  ha yeah we're not close at all to japan.  but we have been hearing about it non stop.  it was so tragic.  i saw some footage at an electronics store.  the water was just so powerful.  we are weak.  but yes i'm fine.  thanks for the article.  it was cool.
     well i don't have anything new to write.  this week was low key.  actually this week took a bad turn.  most of our investigators turned south.  but things are looking up.  actually we were supposed to have a baptism last week.  his name is daniel.  he is a student from china here in singapore.  he told us that he talked to his family and they aren't so supportive.  so that bites.  we had this other investigator named jenny.  she was on baptismal date for two weeks from now.  she is filipino and is the maid of a local member. ...if members or investigators are rude or hard to deal with i just try to move on, but you just put so much time into these people and then they give you a slap in the face.
     we had an awesome dinner appointment at the sloan's!!  these are the same new zealanders i told you about last time.  they are so good to us.  they gave us tons of steak, hamburgers, sausages, chicken, potatoes, chips, watermelon, and ice cream.  she is a dang good cook.  then after that we played the nex xbox motion sensor game.  we played boxing, soccer, bowling and track.  it was so cool.  the technology is amazing.  then they gave us 20 lbs of food to take home.  they are too nice.
     hey guess what president clark  and i had an interview and we had a long chat about running.  he said he is running a night race at the end of may and if i'm still in this area i could run with him.  it is a half marathon.  that would be sweet but i think it would take some training.  we will see.
     i was going to tell you a story last week.  here it is.  we have a recent convert named kim.  she is vietnamese.  she is so funny, but not on purpose.  she is always confused why we are laughing so hard.  but she does funny things.  the other day we had dinner and a lesson with her at the larson's house.  the larson's are a young married couple that live close to her.  anthother ysa came.  anyways sister larson is obsessed with cats.  she told us all about her pet cats back in america.  then bro larson told us how he always wanted a pet pig.  he said how cool would that be to have a faithful pet pig running around.  then sis larson said they couldn't have this pig that they could never eat. bro larson said of course they would eat it.  they had a little argument about whether or not they could eat a named pet.  anyways we left that conversation.  a few minutes later out of nowhere kim said, "i once had a pet dog. one day i came home and my mom killed it so we could eat it for dinner..."  ha ha ha ha it was so random and tragic and funny.  elder thomas was laughing so hard.  she wasn't so sad.  she just said it like a fact.  it was so funny.  you'd have to know here to really laugh at this.  so i asked her if she ate any of it.  she said, "yes.  i wanted a peice of it inside of me.."  ha ha ha ha oh man sister larson was laughing so hard.  we were all dying.  it's hilarious.
     one last thing.  ha ha jaynanne thanks for the letters.  i'm lucky i got them.  all but one was addressed to "the singapore mission"  ha ha not to me.  if i wasn't here to claim them they would not know who they went to.  you have to put elder petersen above the address there.  if not, anybody could open them.  i guess technically the office couple or president clark could claim them.  but again, thanks.    
     well that's all folks.  next week may or may not be more eventful.  depending on news we recieve this friday night.  thanks for your support.  i love you all.  we were talking a lot about being grateful recently and i want you all to know that i'm grateful for you.  you are so cool.  i'm lucky to have such a nice family.  keep up the work back home.  i'll be there before long.  i love you.
elder petersen

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