Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Save Up Treasures

hey hey hey fam!!
     wow loved your emails like usual.  ha many coments. i can't believe byu won.  are they legit? are they going all the way dad? or are they peaking too early.  mwa ha ha maturation eh?  awkward.  at least it's over eh? all six kids.  oskar just seems so young to me.  he's the little kid you know.  it's weird that he's already at that age.  same with spencer.  he seems to little to be in high school.  stowers!  that'd be weird.  do they use the garage?  i remember being excited when dad got home but that phase has sure passed.  jaynanne i feel that you can give me the best summary of the oscars.  how were they?  any good ones win?  that is awesome about bishop.  i'm sure he loved it.  he loves you dad.  jaynanne you don't know what a bushel is?  ha ha wow.  i know what you're saying about elder kersey.  i read that one part of his email you sent me.  he is a good writer.  i don't sound holy do i?  ha ha i feel like my letters are anything but holy.  i never talk about spiritual things. no missionary i know is like that.  they are all more loud and more outspoken than ever before.  i'm interested though, what letters of mine did you read from?  jaynanne's got senioritis?  ha ha i am also trunky. always.  say hi to uncle brian.  i miss that guy.  i can't believe d will is gone.  oh man the jazz are going to collapse.  hopefully it will build up quickly.  cool letters folks.
     alright so this week, like usual, i have nothing to talk about so you should enjoy it.  first of all is spencer still going out for tennis? that's gotta be this week or next week right?  do you remember back on the day i got my call you were all saying that because i went to an exotic place it would be awesome to come pick me up?  was that a joke or something you'd like to do.  or does europe trump asia?  or would we sweep through europe also?  interesting.  jaynanne was talking all about the firework song last week.  still your favorite?  what about a song called grenade by bruno mars?  i heard it recently.  it is pretty good.  alright so camp loll.  wow when you mentioned that last week it made me so trunky.  a few nights ago i could not get to sleep.  it was one of those nights where i was just thinking about a lot of stuff.  i spent a while thinking about loll.  it was so awesome.  spencer will absolutely love it.  i think it is probably the BEST thing spencer can do to prepare for a mission.  you go away from home for a while.  you're on a strict schedule.  there is an order of leadership you have to report to.  you have to obey and do your part.  you have to be likeable.  you make good friends.  you have hard times.  you learn a lot of lessons.  you have experiences you can't really describe.  i feel like my time at loll was like my mission.  i have had so many things happen on my mission that i can't even tell you about because i won't give it justice spiritually.  it's one of those treasures to save up.  same with loll.  when my friends would ask me why i loved it so much i couldn't even begin to tell them because i couldn't tell the hundreds of stories i had and i couldn't relate how i actually felt.  spencer you're going to love it.  i keep thinking about advice for you.  just do what you're told by delose or the nature director.  don't be shy.  pack enough warm clothes.  bring slippers for the lodge.  learn from delose.  make friends with the waterfront staff.  don't get lost on hike day.  have fun.  maybe keep a journal.  take pictures. tell me all about it.
     this week was pretty darn good.  the difference with singapore and malaysia is how often we meet people.  in east malaysia people sit at home all day.  they are very easy to meet.  here everybody works or goes to school.  impossible to meet.  we had a ton of investigators at church last week.  i love it when random members bring their friends.  it is sweet.  this next week is stake conference.  it will be nuts.  there are too many members.  our stake center is 4 floors.  the 2nd and 4th floor each have a chapel.  stake conference will be on the 4th floor and broadcasted to the 2nd floor.  the expat ward itself takes up the whole 4th floor chapel and two overflows.  they will have ushers to pack everybody in.  i think it'll be hot.  i don't know how we'll keep track of all of our investigators that come to church.  we might not be able to.  ha ha it'll be fun.  next week we have a baptism planned.  it is ol daniel boy.  he is the bomb!  it'll be good.
     sorry i emailed late this week.  last night until this morning i was in JB (johor baru) right inside malaysia.  i had to get a chop.  i spent the night with the 6 jb elders.  they are pretty dang funny.  elder tovar, my comp from the mtc, was there.  we celebrated our year mark a week early by burning some stuff.  one more year baby!  we played this variation of 9 cards down.  we played with rook cards and they called it mormon bridge.  it starts at 7 and goes down then back up to 7.  at 1 card you all hold it up to your forehead and then bet without seeing your card.  ha ha very fun.
     recently i've been thinking a lot about the future you know?  i think maybe i served here to open my eyes.  maybe.  i think it would be fun to be an expat.  i've talked to a lot of people about their jobs and their degrees.  it's got me thinking.  what was your game plan for me again dad?  for school?  i'm sort of kind of really leaning towards going to byu in the fall after i return.  don't disown me.  i still don't know.  most members here and missionaries went there.  i guess it'll depend on what i want to study.  time will tell.
     alright have a good week.  i'll talk to you next wednesday.  don't miss me too much.  say hi to the whole gang.  send me some letters.  send me some cool package.  i love you all.  kalau kamu lapar, makan lah!
elder petersen

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