Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tea Bagged....courage

ah mercy
     wow i had some really interesting emails this week.  thanks for the men of harlech lyrics.  ha ha i think it would be impossible to memorize those.  yes our church is full of kooks.  ha ha you would crack up if you met the members here.  ha ha just our discussions in sunday school or priesthood are pretty comical.  you went to seven peaks huh? so does that mean that it finally warmed up over there?  i didn't know if it would.  
     alright well this week was pretty uneventful.  just the usual day to day grind.  things are going really well in our branch right now so i'll just tell you about a few people.  first of all last sunday was oyoki's confirmation.  it was great.  on the day of her baptism she brought a neighbor or cousin or something named raymond.  he is 17 and really cool.  this sunday he came again and brought another friend named john.  he is also really nice.  they both loved church and want to come back again next week.  right now we are just cranking out the referrals.  there is this one lady in our branch who sometimes goes out knocking.  ha ha perfect.  she has given us a few referrals. on sunday the father and son of a family she met came.  they loved church and committed to come back for sure next week.  the dad just went off and off about how much he needs to go and how good it felt to be there.  we visited him yesterday and he out of the blue he turned to his son and said son do you want to go to church and be baptized?  yes!  ha ha perfect.  also at church a good member brought her boyfriend who really enjoyed it.  sunday is the best day of the week and this week was especially good.  i guess all of the members noticed all of these new faces and they wanted to be apart of it because after church like 4 members told us about friends that they wanted us to meet.  ha ha wow so we got so many potentials.  things are looking good.  like i said, the recently switched buildings.  since they switched attendance has almost doubled.  things are just looking really good.  i don't want to drop the ball.  at the start of may this one lady and her son were baptized.  the father and the two daughters were not baptized.  the father loves church and comes every week but he is like the top dog of a big tea company.  last week the sister told us that he had plans to quit his job so that he could be baptized.  we were supposed to keep it on the down low because it was more of a hope than a real plan.  well on monday he quit and started a new job.  that is so awesome.  it would be really hard for me to do something like that.  he is a champ.  so pretty soon he may be baptized.  sweet.
     last week after we emailed we went over to this place called seoul garden.  it is an awesome restaraunt.  i feel like i already told you this.  oh well.  it is buffet style.  in the middle of each table they have a pot of soup on a burner surrounded by a grill.  you just go pick out raw meat and slap it on there.  i cooked so much chicken.  ha ha oh man so much.  we destroyed the place.  it was good.  i have a few pictures.  speaking about eating, i have gained a lot of weight.  wow.  i don't think you'll recognize me when i get home.  i'm getting quite fat.  ha ha too much rice here.  and everything is deep fried.  ha ha oh well.  this morning we went bowling at the mall by our house.  it was really fun.  i dominated.  my high score was 167.  no one was even close. 
     for the last few weeks we have been going around trying to find members so that we can pump them for referrals.  we marked on our map where there were clusters of members so that we can hit a lot.  this place is so spread out so we've been doing a lot of walking.  well last week we found the coolest house ever we found the house of a member on our list and it was a freaking mansion.  wow i'm serious it was huge.  nicer than any house i've been to in singapore.  that is impressive because there are some major slums here.  well the member was really cool.  we talked for a while.  the father was one of the first ten people baptized in malaysia.  they have three generations of church goers now counting a little toddler.  the girl was pretty impressive.  she could read at one year old, before she could walk ha ha.  the chinese are crazy.  the secret is flash cards.  anyways after we talked for a while we were ready to leave but the guy was like i'll give you a tour of the house.  ok.  so the main floor was pretty nice.  really clean and modern.  they have two or three maids.  on the back porch they had 7 washers and dryers.  in almost every room they had a big flat screen mounted on the wall.  we went up to the second floor where all of the bedrooms are.  they all had big flat screens.  really nice.  they showed us what they called the mom's sanctuary.  it was the bathroom.  huge.  the bathtub was massive with tons of jets.  there was a huge tv at the end of the tub mounted on the wall.  the wall tile was flecked with real gold.  over on the side there was a door with a finger print scanner lock.  it was a door to a huge walk in closet.  i mean huge.  back in sandakan we helped someone build a house and it could have fit inside of there.  in the middle there was a big massage chair.  wow.  then we went to the top floor.  there was an automatic sliding glass door at the top of the stairs. it opened up into a big hang out room with a full kitchen and a huge tv and couches and a projecter and speakers and a playstation three and tons of stuff.  needless to say this house was huge and way expensive.  i can't even get into all of the details. I was just amazed.
     well i'm sorry this email was lame.  ok throughout this next week i will make a note of things to tell you so i don't forget.  have a good week.  don't be too bored this summer.  i'll be home soon.  i love you all
elder petersen

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