Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grandma's RULE

oh man!
     oh you guys!  great emails this week.  it's these big holiday kind of weeks that make me trunky.  ha ha you guys sound like you're doing great.  it sounds like your numbers keep dropping.  only 5 at dinner?!  ha ha the table is going to be too big for the family to eat around.  don't worry i'll be home soon enough.  i really hope spencer likes Loll.  he might not.  i mean we're not the same right.  and it will be different starting a few weeks later.  he missed out on some stuff.  but i think he'll love it.  his email to me was great.  it was cool.  i can't believe the national guard actually came to utah to help with the floods.  wow.  dad every week is uneventful.  every week i don't know what to write when i sit down to the computer. i just start typing and see what comes out.  ha that is why i feel it sometimes doesn't flow. oh well as long as you like it.  i can just imagine dad eating it up when all of the sisters enjoyed him teaching them how to cook.  don't let your head get too big.  that is pretty funny about what happened to doug and the dog lady.  ha ha i can just picture it all.  ha ha.  tell tara i never got a letter from her... no just kidding.  it's on the way.. just kidding. but soon.
     alright well this week was pretty boring..  ha ha so you'll probably like it.  actually things are still going great here.  i'm having a lot of fun.  this city is kind of frustrating though.  the transportation is just garbage.  we wait forever at hot bus stops for the right bus.  besides the fact that our area is so spread out it is really nice here.  the elders are really cool.  nobody is that old and nobody is that young.  we have one elder that dies at the end of the month with the big group.  the rest of us are all middle aged.  even our zl is younger than me.  our zone leaders are really cool.  elder lang and elder hunt.  lang was pretty good buds with garrett.  he is a really chill zl.  he's getting us all shirts and stuff and he doesn't breathe down our necks about every little thing.  i guess he knows what it is like to have a gay zone leader.  lately on p day and for a few minutes after district meeting we've been playing some good cards.  elder stratton used to be with elder thomas and they played a lot of cards back then.  so he's teaching us a bunch of games like mormon bridge, hearts, ucher, greed, tiga belas, tee, and spades.  it is a lot of fun.  we get pretty competitive.  ha ha some elders are just no good at cards.  i'm glad we used to play back home.  i'll have to teach you guys these games.  tiga belas and tee are local games that people in east malaysia just play for hours.  they sit around all day with nothing to do and they waste the day away playing it.  ha ha it is pretty entertaining.  so yeah our zone is great right now.  we meet together for makan mondays and grab a burger.  next p day we have big plans.  i'll let you know next week if it works out.  in a few weeks it will all change.  at the end of july, 16 elders are going home and 19 are coming in.  so i might even get transferred, cause maughan hasn't been here that long either.  it could be either of us.  so i have to enjoy this all while i can. 
     so me and maughan have been trying to teach english class.  we've had two lessons now.  we have it tuesday nights.  our hope is that members will come and bring their friends.  it is going pretty well.  the first week was good.  we had all adults almost, and they were all members.  also, there was a 14 year old non member that came.  well that kid brought his sister and came to church last week so that is pretty immediate results.  but yesterday wasn't as good.  it was all kids and no members.  we don't want it to be a bunch of kids only.  we don't know what to teach really either.  ha ha we're both novices at teaching a new language.  i mean we learned malay but it was all gospel oriented.  we don't really want to teach the gospel...yet.  we just want them to enjoy it and come back to the church.  we got some workbooks now so hopefully we can figure something out. 
     on the 4th of july we met up for makan mondays at carl's jr.  that is about as american as we could get.  it was expensive but oh so good.  that's all we did on the 4th.  the 5th was district meeting so we had district meeting at the brown's.  they cooked sloppy joes and bought root beer and potato chips and water melon so that was pretty American.  and we sang the national anthem for an opening song.  so Go America!
     we have a few investigators that are buddhist.  i might have already told you about them.  i forget to tell you something that they all have in common.  most of their parents say no way to baptism.  they don't want to ruin their family traditions or something.  some of the parents say ok sure but the grandma says no way.  it is always the crazy grandma.  ha ha well this is pretty much an unavoidable obstacle.  we cannot change the mind of an old chinese auntie.  we figure our only hope is to pray that they, ya know, die or something.  ha ha that sounds terrible.  we have a recent convert named amy.  her husband wants to get baptized but doesn't want to offend his mother.  amy actually told us to pray and fast so that her mother in law croaks.  ha ha that is terrible.  so we were scheming with the other elder on how we could take out these obtacles.  it was pretty funny.  in the end we decided we probably should just let them be.  oh well.  i'm pretty sure amy is still praying for it though.   
     alright that's all i got for you.  have a great week.  i love you all.  tell the ward i love them.  oh yeah i was going to say happy 10 year north ogden anniversary.  we've been in north ogden for 10 years right? july 3rd?  wow so much has happened in that house.  i'm glad we got out of beaver ha ha.  mom thanks for the great email.  i really enjoyed it.  don't worry you raised me right.  you raised us all right.  the test is just if we follow what you taught or if we drift.  it's up to us really.  alright see ya'll later.
elder petersen

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