Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Puppets and Rain

hey guys.
     this week was great.  a lot happened actually.  ha ha i knew you would comment on my socks mom.  that is why i even took the picture in the first place.  ha ha.  alright i'll be looking for oskar but i don't think we'll see conference for at least 2 weeks.  man i'm so jealous that they are going to that concert (Taylor Swift).  ha ha i would love to go.  jaynanne would be proud that i am a loyal fan now.  all the missionaries here know it.  oh man thanks for the recipes.  that is so awesome.  sister johnson will be thrilled.  yeah we get that a lot, that people don't think we'll understand them (so they talk in front of us).  it is funny. 
      alright first, we went to ipoh.  it is a pretty big town here in west malaysia.  it is one of the four in our zone.  the elders down there were going to have a baptism so we went down to do the interviews.  they all passed with flying colors.  while we were down there the johnsons took advantage of the situation and roped us into helping them.  they are humanitarian missionaries so a lot of times they are doing service things.  they had like 200 health care kits to give away.  so we went to an indian elementary school and put on a puppet show.  me, kelley and thurman were the main event.  the church gave them a big stage and like 15 puppets to use.  so we kind of just made something up on the spot.  we thought it would be like 30 kids but it was actually like 180 kids.  ha ha wow.  they loved it though.  they've probably never really seen puppets before.  they were laughing really hard and the teachers were also cracking up.  so it was a success.  then we passed out the kits and juice and crackers.  it was fun.  then the johnsons took us to a way way nice chinese restaraunt.  oh man i love chinese food!!  we also got a chance to play legit badminton.  my whole life i've made fun of badminton.  it's just been one of those dumb asian sports.  i love it now.  it takes some serious stamina.  we played with some way good kids.  they kicked my butt.  we played with some members and investigators. my fore arm and my shoulder and surprisingly my buns were way sore for like 3 days afterwards.  ha ha it was fun. 
     i've told you about darren before.  he is a little indian boy we met my first week here.  he's the one that liked to follow us around.  well he pulled through big for us.  he invited us over to his house saturday night to meet his cousins and eat.  we thought for sure he just wanted to parade us around and whatever.  also we were fasting so we were seriously considering not going.  we got our awesome elder's quorum pres to come with us.  darren had a lot of people there.  there was like his aunt and uncle and their 3 kids and another aunt and uncle and his mom and grandma.  they're all indian.  they were totally cool with us sharing a short message.  so we shared about joseph smith with bro ananda translating sentence by sentence.  they were all capitvated.  it was way quiet and they were really focused.  i was shocked.  at the end bro ananda shared his conversion story and stuff.  i didn't understand anything because it was all in tamil but it seemed good.  we wanted to get out of there but then they kept asking a lot of questions and the mood kind of deteriorated.  some people got distracted and made noise and stuff.  but they did say they wanted to meet again.  one of the uncles is a pastor in a carismatic church and his family is completely devoted to it.  the wife wears the pants there.  he looked like he was really pondering our message but she was just asking a ton of questions like trying to find a problem.  something cool is that he actually found a tamil book of mormon in the garbage can like a month ago.  coincidence? no way.  i hope he felt something different. 
     we have been caught in some crazy rain lately.  the other day we were going along and a huge storm came upon us.  we found shelter underneath an overpass and sat there for about 40 min.  ha ha and then the water on the road was like up to our peddles.  crazy.  later that night we met our branch president out in an area.  we were headed home and it wasn't raining yet.  president ching decided to follow right behind us because he thought it would be hard for cars to see us.  we were about halfway home and the rains came.  oh man it started pouring so hard.  we were instantly soaked.  then a few minutes later my back tire popped.  ha ha freak.  so i just got off and walked it in the rain.  we were like 5 min ride away.  i wasn't getting any wetter so i didn't care.  after the rain let up president made me put my bike in his trunk.  he's a good guy.  ha ha so yeah that must have been punishment for something but i'm not sure what. 
     big news.  there was another emergency transfer.  we're not exactly sure what happened but for some reason they closed down a branch in kuching and elder chin got transferred here to butterworth.  so we are a threesome.  he is awesome.  he is a native of sandakan.  i knew him before he went out.  he has been out since last september.  he can speak malay perfectly and can speak chinese pretty well.  he will be a huge asset here.  he is really funny.
     well that's all for this week.  things are going great.  our knocking efforts are slowly paying off.  the zone is good.  the mission is good.  we have another meeitng in KL in a few weeks.  new missionaries are coming in in a few weeks.  pres is cracking down hard on apostacy.  don't worry i'm in the clear.  we're diligent up here.  oh i was going to say i don't mind sleeping on the couch.  i can sleep on the tile floor now.  there's no carpet here.  tell the stowers to take their time.  like hurry but don't worry.  i know maybe you guys are stressed but i don't really care.  i shouldn't be at the house too much longer.  me and john and chase are really planning to find a house in salt lake. you may have to help us out.  i think it is awesome that you have let so many different people stay at our house.  it's a huge blessing.
     one other thing.  president ching's daughter is serving in the temple square mission.  her name is wendy ching.  her companion is sister cool from australia.  she requested that you bring her down some candy.  i told her i'd pass the message.  she is going to serve in minnesota for six weeks starting friday.  so if you're going down today or tomorrow try to stop by.  if not dont worry.  maybe in november. 
     alright i love you all.  i'll send you pictures next week.  i forgot my camera.  stay strong.  thanks for your love.  thanks for always going to church.  thanks for the emails.  say hi to everyone.  i love you!
elder petersen

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