Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Onward & Upward

hi one and all
     oh man oh man oh man your emails were all so good.  jaynanne you are killing me.  are you just trying to make me trunky?!!  ha ha oh those pictues were awesome.  it looked like you got all dressed up just to make cookies...did you?  ha ha i bet you did.  man spencer looked sharp.  he looked dang tall though wow how tall is he.  dad's story from the conference center was quite funny.  i really liked when we went down there that one time.  the place is just so huge.  it seems like when you're there you think i'm not alone.  even though that is just a fraction of the members worldwide, you just get a vision of how big and far reaching the church actually is.  the blog article was cool mom.  thanks for sending that to me.   i'm glad you liked my last email.  i hope you like this one as much.  i don't really have anything to write about. 
     well elder chin is nuts.  ha ha he is so funny.  i remember thinking back in sandakan what it would be like to serve with him and i thought ya know maybe he's too crazy, i'd rather not.  but it is a lot of fun.  he is a dang good teacher.  he asks good questions and clearly explains stuff.  but he has to teach in malay.  his english isn't that good.  ha ha a famous quote of his is "petersen you sucks" ha ha.  well we finally met up with one of the johnson's referrals.  i might have already told you about her.  her name is lisa.  she lives just down the hall from them.  she is way nice and is one of those people that is prepared to hear what we have to say.  to everything we say she nods her head and agrees or gives a perfect answer.  she is a strong christian but sees flaws with her church and some of the practices of other churches.  i don't want to tell you all of her concerns but she doesn't have it easy at home.  so i think she really like to meet us.  someone to talk to.  she is married with one 4 month old baby.  we are really excited to teach her.  we've already met with her three other times.  sweet.
     on saturday we went out to a town 27 minutes drive away called Kulim.  there is a family from Sarawak that moved out there.  they don't really know english so the johnsons never visit them.  well elder chin has been in Sarawak his whole mission so now he can speak their native dialect Iban.  they loved him.  ha ha they gave us so much random food.  they had two friends over who actually seemed really interested in what we had to say.  so we shared a lesson with them about joseph smith.  they liked it and agreed that we can come back next week.  before we left they wanted a picture with us. ha ha i don't think the friends have ever met white people before.  ha ha so funny. 
     the rest continues to roll forward.  the church attendence finally stopped going down.  we are trying to weed out our investigator pool.  there is this strange malaysian mentality that after someone has given us their number and agreed to meet us again, they cannot say no later.  these people cannot just tell us that they don't want.  they just avoid us and put off our lessons and run away.   ha ha just tell us and we won't bug you!!  so we've been calling people and just asking them straight up if they want to learn about the church or not.  it's good, we don't want flaky investigators anyways.  so another thing that we've been doing since i got here is praying that we will meet someone that has been prepared and the placed in our path for us to find.  i mean God knows everyone and i believe he definitely has the power to do that, so that's what we've been praying for.  we meet lots of people that seem interested and seem like an answer to our prayers but they always tend to drop off and lose interest.  it is kind of disturbing.  i wonder if it means that our prayer wasn't answered because they weren't the prepared ones, or if they were prepared and we blew it by something we said.  i'm scared of that.  i don't want my weaknesses or something offensive i say turn away a prepared individual.  what are your thoughts.  the easy answer seems to be "oh yeah you're planting seeds no effort is wasted don't worry".  but it is frustrating.  i asked president clark and he said just said don't worry keep working hard.  don't worry i'm not complaining or depressed,  it is just something i was thinking about. 
     sorry this email isn't well thought out.  i'm being rushed along by four other missionaries.  i had a few questions.  mom how did your single adult activity go.  you never told me.  and is jaynanne just still going to the 1st ward or what.   alright i love you all.  don't change too much before i get back.  from jaynanne's pictures it seems like you guys are always having good times and making cookies together.  ha ha so it better be like that when i get home.  oh yeah i haven't watched conference yet.  maybe this weekend if we get the dvd.  if not then next weekend.  i hope to see it soon.  i love it.  ok buh bye.
elder petersen

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