Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's a Wedding, Drink Up?

dear family,
     i love you!!  oh man i don't know how to say it but for some reason your emails are so awesome.  so nice to read.  dad i got both of yours this week.  thanks.  i knew after 86 letters there was no way you forgot ha ha.  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha mom's story about the NAL match is so funny.  ha ha oh man she must have been so embarrassed.  priceless.  i think i would have been embarassed if i was there.  if dad shouted out i would be fine but if mom did then i would also be dying ha ha.  that's rough about your shoes but yeah you're right at least you have shoes.  ha ha.  speaking of shoes i might buy some new ones but i think i can probably hold off.  i can't believe grandma and grandpa have been married for 50 years.  that is way cool.  please say hi to them for me.  alright the half should be sweet.  i can't imagine christian as elvis.  i'm sure it would be funny to hear jaynanne tell me about people in our home ward.  alright utah. GO UTES! alright taylor swift.  i don't know if i told you but i tell everyone here that she is my girlfriend.  a lot believe me.  i have this one picture of her cut out and taped to a picture of me.  it is hilarious.  actually last week i told this muslim guy that avril levine was my ceweh too because her song was playing.  he was amazed.  he said tell her hi for me.  ha ha ha so gullible.  thanks for your thought about abraham dad.  actually i was thinking about something similair to that recently.  i have been reading the old testament and i'm almost done.  i frequently have deep thoughts but i forget to write them down and then usually forget.  ha ha the bible is pretty good though.
     well it was another interesting week in borneo.  we went on exchanges again and left the greenies to fend for themselves.  we flew to tawau for two days and just got back last night.  it was a blast.  elder williams is there from my group.  he is so funny.  look up where tawau is in sabah.  it's the only other city here with missionaries.  so now i've completed my trifecta of sabah.  sabah is so cool.  the people in this state are so nice.  i just wish we could teach muslims.  oh well.
     sunday we had KK1 and KK2 combined for a primary presentation.  ha ha it was funny.  it wasn't as perfectly planned and executed as you would imagine in utah but it was still good nonetheless.  we had way good attendence and had a good group of investigators there too.  i think they really enjoyed it but it might be kind of weird to see on their first sunday at a different church.  eventhough it was kind of unorganized i still got the chills when they sang a child's prayer.  oh man i love that song.  it is just a tear jerker.  ha ha if you have a soul it should bring a wave of emotions.  so in answer to your question i don't know if regularly in malaysia they have primary programs but they had one this past weekend and it was great. 
     i want to tell you about a man named lawrence.  he is about 58 and he lives alone.  he is so awesome.  the sisters contacted him before we were in the area but we taught him after we got here.  he is just so willing to do what we say.  he really stops and thinks about what we are sharing with him.  we taught him lesson two with one of the ap's.  it went great.  he had a ton of great questions.  at different times throughout the lesson we would teach a principle and then he would sit back in his chair and think and smile and say "oh ok" and nod his head and then ask us to continue.  ha ha he was eating it up.  pretty much the whole time we've taught him he has read everything we asked him to and always come to church even though he's about an hour away and always prayed.  i thought he is too perfect.  he must have some concern about something.  but he never did.  i hope i didn't jynx him.  he is set to get baptized this saturday.  well monday night we got an sms from him.  he said "petersen i'm so sorry i have to postpone my baptism to december because this saturday is my cousin's wedding and for sure i will drink a little bit there. i'm so sorry"  oh my heck.  i was just devestated to read that.  he's not a drinker by any means but i guess he's not strong enough to stand up against a long time wedding tradition where everyone drinks a shot together.  we've just been really praying for him.  we haven't had a chance to talk to him.  it is worse because he knows it is a sin and he is still choosing to do it.  so frustrating.  he is still solid though and we hope he pulls through.
     well lately we've been doing a lot a lot of finding.  we've asked some members where to go and they've given us some suggestions.  it's actually been going pretty good.  we've been talking to a lot of people and we've gotten a lot of phone numbers.  we haven't really had many return appointments from that yet but we did have one with a nice preacher from another church.  he is a nice guy with a nice family.  he is at least interested enough to hear what we have to say.  so sweet.  we are really praying and working hard right now that we can find a family to baptize before the end of the year.  that is our goal.  that is our focus.  but we basically have to find them this week so they have enough time to learn.  i really hope it will happen.  well i am really loving it here.  we're starting to get to know more members and they are really being friendly.  me and laycock get along way good.  he is funny and really nice to the members.  i'm really scared though.  i hate to think about it but my mission time is coming to a close.  it's sad.  i just love teaching people you know?  i don't want to miss a chance or have any regrets.  as we've been out finding we have met a lot of people from other churches and they are just missing something but they don't know it.  i am so glad that i have 4 hours a day to study the gospel with my companion.  from these studies i feel like i've really learned a lot more about the church and about Jesus Christ.  i have to tell you i love this church.  this is for sure God's church.  this work isn't easy but i know the pay off is huge and God is definitely on our side.  i hope everything is going good back home.  i just wrote jaynanne a letter and in it i kind of said how i just hope so much that my recent converts stay active.  then i thought about how any parents hope that their kids will stay active and gain a testimony.  then i thought that even me as an older brother, i'm not really worried but kind of anxious to see if my younger brothers and sisters will do the good things i've done or if they'll slip up in the same places i did or if they'll choose a totally different path.  i just really hope that everyone in our family will always be strong in the church.  i'm telling you we will be so happy together. 
     well i love you guys so much.  if you send anything just send it to singapore.  i might get it a little late though.  i don't really need anything but some letters would be sweet.  or pictures.  say hi to everyone for me.  go to church.  say your prayers.  have a good week.
elder petersen

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