Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Look for Miracles

hello hello
     very good to hear from you all.  wow thanksgiving.  trunky!  on friday morning there was a point where i stopped and said "i bet everyone is sitting around the table back home right now playing 9 cards down."  ha ha i was right.  we played a few card games that night as well.  ha ha ha oh man that tree sounds awesome!  that is funny.  does it take up the whole family room? i can just imagine kids from idaho clapping to see you guys.  i can't believe utah lost!  come on!  that's good to hear that nba is back on but it is still weird.  like if utah went all the way and won it all it would probably be down played because it wasn't a complete season.  so i guess this year we'll just let someone else win.  ha ha ha a bushman from borneo huh?  ha i've seen plenty of those.  that is too funny. yeah here people do the fist bumb a little bit.  mostly the two people will do a thumbs up and then flip each other's thumbs or after the handshake change to a grasp thing and then flip the thumbs.  i always do the fist bump to people.  it seems cleaner than shaking some of their hands.
     well intersting week for sure.  first and foremost was thanksgiving.  thursday after i emailed you we headed over to the Larson's.  oh man i really like them.  probably my favorite senior couple i've served with.  they are just all around awesome.  so so funny.  elder larson is a stake patriarch.  they are from north carolina or something.  they have thick southern accents and just say exactly what they are thinking.  wow sister larson is an amazing cook!  thanksgiving was made up southern style.  there are no turkeys here so we had awesome chicken with mashed potatoes(!) and buttery green beans (so good) and sweet potatoe casserol (amazing) and great biscuits and salad and cranberry jello stuff and sweet potatoe pie and chocolate apple sauce cake with ice cream.  oh my gosh it was incredible.  i gained three pounds over dinner.  after we ate us four elders couldn't move.  we just layed down and were stuck there.  sister larson didn't notice at first but then she looked over at us and started laughing so hard and ran and took a picture.  we got in a few card games as well.  very good thanksgiving.
      well as part of our push for the end of the year we are trying to look for miracles everyday.  each night we have to call the other districts in the zone and we ask them what their miracle of the day was.  we have seen so many miracles.  when you are really looking for them you start to see a lot.  it's cool.  one cool one is that i contacted a girl on the bus named beverly.  she was way nice.  we were both going to the end of the line so we talked for a while.  she actually was contacted by the sisters a few months ago when it was two different sisters.  she said she gave away the pamphlet to her parents so she doesn't have it anymore.  i gave her a new one and we talked about it.  she seemed like she would really come to church.  i passed it to the sisters because she lives in their area.  a few days later sister gopinath contacted beverly's sister on a different bus.  she was really interested and said basically she is a church hopper so she would love to come and see what our church is like.  since then she read the whole pamphlet and has a lot of questions.  that is not coincidence that we both contacted two people from the same family.  another cool thing is that a christian family just moved in next door to one of our top investigators.  last time we were there he was just standing outside and he called me over to talk to me.  he asked if i had a mormon bible and i didn't have any extra so i gave him a pamphlet.  he said that he met missionaries about 5 years ago in a different part of kk but they didn't really speak malay.  so he was asking a bunch of questions.  he gave us a ride home later that day any we had a good talk with him.  yesterday we went back and gave him a book of mormon and when we walked up he was watching the finding faith in Christ dvd that he borrowed from our investigator.  ha ha he was definitely prepared to meet us.  he is a school teacher so he has good work hours and he knows english pretty good.  definitely a kingdom builder. 
     our other investigators are doing good as well.  we have three, lawrence, elly and peter that are going to be baptized really soon.  they are all looking good but all have their own little challenges.  we are pretty confident they will all make it.  i have a sad story to tell you but i just called an audible and decided not to tell you.  it is about this drunk guy we met.  why would anybody subject themself to be drunk.  they lose all control of their body?  ya that was random but oh well.
     on monday we had a branch social.  it was fun.  we played this game called telefon charades.  it was so funny.  basically like 5 people are involved at a time.  most of them go out into the hall and wait.  the fist person acts out the charade thing and then the second person watches.  after thirty seconds the second person has to act out what he thought it was to the third person and so on until the last person has to guess what it actually was.  it was so funny.  elder larson was just dying of laughter.  some of the things were a fish, angry birds, thou shalt not kill, mermaid, and the bml david chong.  i'm telling you it was hilarious.  the elders quorum pres did the mermaid one and everyone was dying laughing.  it turned out a lot better than i expected.  there was some investigators there and some recent converts.  afterwards there was lots of food and so all in all it was a successful fellowshipping activity. 
     well besides that we just have to same old same old going on here.  next week i go to sibu for zone leader council so i won't email you on wednesday. after that i'll probably go on splits each week till christmas.  the branch here is awesome.  the members are so cool.  the missionaries are all cool.  our investigators are all cool.  no complaints.  dad tell me about you money scheme.  a truck would be cool but not a huge truck.  and cough cough what happened to that motorcycle cough cough...  oh one last cool thing.  i got two letters yesterday.  one was from grandma.  tell her thanks.  she is awesome!!  the other is from a random girl from arizona.  she said that her and her friend were just looking through missionary blogs and decided to write some missionaries a letter.  also can!  anyways the church is true the book is blue.  keep up the work on the home front.  i love you all!!
elder petersen

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