Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wong Song New Year

hey family.
     thanks for all the awesome emails.  no need to work dad.  ha ha.  i don't even know where to start finding a job and this could be the last free summer of my life.  but i agree i've got to eventually find something.  it would be a blast to go back east with you.  but it does seem potentially boring.  you'll have to make it sound more enticing.  what else could we do.  i would be great with sleeping at koa's.  maybe just leave the girls home.  yeah, the hike, in the Teton's, it's brutal.  if we did the same as i did that one time it was nearly 50 miles.  50 steep miles.  i was dead.  oh man i can just imagine oskar ha ha and i can just imagine you walking into that bathroom and laughing at him.  i would.  well that's too bad that you were all sick.  GO UTES!!  i don't even know how the presidential primaries work.  maybe you could explain that to me.  ok the last thing is my ipod touch, guitar, and bed.  it's not that big of a deal but seriously all three of those were gifts to me.  like if someone recieves a gift that means they own that thing right?  and these are all not cheap things.  if there is some sort of replacement then ok that's fine but you can't just up and take them.  not cool.  i'll admit the bed, not a big deal.  the guitar, i never played but i could sell it, it's really nice.  the ipod on the other hand, that is definitely mine.  on all three of those birthdays that is basically the only thing i got.  think about it. 
New Year's Eve with members
     well yup this was a pretty good week.  first was transfers.  one of the assistants went home, and like 4 zone leaders.  president clark did something new and he called four assistants.  two are specifically for east malaysia and two for west.  interesting.  they are pretty good guys.  i'll be honest i really like the assistants in west malaysia.  oh well.  so there was no other transfers this week.  there's just a few three-somes including us here in kk.  next week a new group comes in so there will be transfers then.  pretty sure laycock is gone and two guys will come up here.  i should probably get put with an older missionary.  hopefully.  also a sister from singapore got transferred here.  her name is sister song.  she's pretty cool but really no one could replace sister wongi got a few letters from back home.  one was from the johnson's.  it was great.  tell them thanks a lot.  i can't believe joe is getting married. do you know when?  crazy.  also i got a letter from the bowdens with a bunch of letters from the primary inside.  they were so funny.  i was going to type them all out for you but i forgot to bring them to the internet kedai.  next time.  mikell manning's was so funny.  she said people were going crazy there.  i just remembered that my driving liscense expires on my birthday.  can you please check and see if you can extend it three months or something.  i don't want to have to reapply for anything.  please.
     on monday sister wong and hawkins died.  actually it was kind of sad.  we've been joking about it for a long time but i can't believe the day actually came.  we went out to the airport with them and with a bunch of members.  looking back i've been in the same city as hawkins since last april except for a short time in butterworth.  definitely one of the missionaries i've been around the longest.  i really like him.  we've had a lot of fun together.  high quality guy.  well that will be me soon.  i don't want to go home.  i'll try not to think about it for three months.  

tuesday we went on a visa run.  it was great.  we got to eat carl's jr and see some of the sights.  in the evening we went to the webb's.  they are so awesome.  they were happy to see me and they gave us awesome american food.  they gave me an update on michelle.  i don't know if you even remember her but we spent a lot of time with them teaching her.  she is from china and after being baptized she went back to china.  she miraculously found the church there thanks to bishop neff from the expat ward.  it's kind of a hush hush thing so i thought she would never find it.  

i'm so happy she is attending.  she is a pioneer for that country.  she is planning to meet the webbs in hong kong in the summer and go to the temple to do baptisms.  that would be so so so awesome.  i hope it works out.  i can't even tell you how excited i am to hear the news.  i love the webbs. we just got back from singapore so that is why i'm emailing so late.  somehow we got the hookups and on one of our four flights we took singapore airlines.  ha ha it was so nice!  i think it is pretty expensive.  thank you sister garret!
     We have this one really miraculous investigator.  i might have already told you about her.  oh well.   Her name is Flora. She is a co-worker of Peter Wong who is in the branch presidency and about to go on his mission to Texas. 

Singapore Merlion
She has been having some big trials in her life and Peter said, "if you want to find peace follow me" and brought her to church. Ever since we miraculously met her at Lawrence's baptism she's been on fire. That night she read the lesson 1 pamphlet over and over until 2 am. Since then she watched the restoration dvd back to back three times and as read moroni 10 serveral times taking notes on everything. She told us it was true. She told us that she was receiving some opposition from her family but she followed the example of Joseph in the dvd who didn't retaliate or lash back at the preachers for mocking him. She just told us that she knows that what she has read is definitely true. We asked her if she would like to prepare for baptism on the first week of february but she said "actually I think I can do it in one month" so she moved it to January 28th. Awesome! Our biggest problem now is that the sisters want to steal her from us.
     well i love it over here.  thanks for all of the support and help.  say hi to everybody back home.  i got some pictures from bradley mccann and i did not recognize him.  have i changed that much?  i feel like i look the exact same.  john told me i look more lanky.  ha ha my new year's resolution is to gain weight.  ok stay healthy.  kalau kamu rasa sakit, jangan jauh lagi dari tandas!

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