Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Passport Power...less

hey guys
     sorry this is late.  thanks for the awesome emails.  sounds like things are going good back home.  seriously i don't know what you would send me that i can't find here.  i mean it's the thought that counts.  let me know.  thanks though.  my 21st birthday isn't that big of a deal...  actually i just bought some cool things today.  yeah we used to be in the same branch as the sisters.  but the other companionship got pulled out of the other branch.  so we replaced them and gave kk1 completely to the sisters.  oh well.  now i get to meet even more members.  it's been ok so far.  i don't know if i'll be that social when i get home dad.  i mean i haven't changed that much ha ha.  ok we can all sit around and eat crossed legged on the floor with our hands when i get home.  also can.  i loved your basketball analogy.  agreed.  i think missionary work is also a team thing.  in a companionship then also in working with the branch.  your letter wasn't spiritual but i admit i got a little teary eyed.  it was good.  i can just imagine all of the flags and what the police officers thought as they drived through that.  also the story about the messerley's was awesome.  i hope i can meet up with some of my recent converts in 40 years and find that they are still faithful in the gospel.  that would be incredible.
     well right now i am down in kuching sarawak.  look it up on the map.  in a few hours i will go to sibu sarawak.  we have zone leader council tomorrow and then missionary leadership training the next day.  i'm in kuching on a 9 hour layover.  because of chinese new year it is impossible to get reasonable flight tickets.  so i met up with stratton and howell the kuching zl's.  brodie is going through singapore on a visa run.   it's pretty sweet here.  i bought some souvenier type things.  cool stuff is pretty expensive though.  zlc should be a blast tomorrow.  oh i wanted to tell you that i ate the peanut butter and jelley popcorn.  it was just like caramel popcorn basically.  but it was good no doubt.  also the flaming hot cheetos.  not so hot.  just like sour.  like vinegar.  made my jaw hurt but didn't make my nose run or my eyes water like spicy food here does.  but again thanks.
     since brodie's been here we've been at work.  he is a pretty smart guy and a really hard worker.  i imagine dad being a lot like him when he was a missionary.  i think as we get to know each other more we will have a lot of fun.  he does kind of dominate in the lessons so far.  but he was just with a greenie who probably didn't know how to speak the language.  we'll get it.  we basically didn't have any investigators to start out so we just visited the two member families i knew.  the branch president's family and the 1st counselor's family.  they were really nice.  ha ha really funny.  we got to know them and had a good referral pumping lesson.  we actually got some on the spot but we told them to think about it and we'd be back later this week.  i think they oldest son wants us to meet his friend's family.  i pray it works out.  on sunday one of the old branch presidents, a 28 year old single guy named curdy, took us around and we met a lot more members and got to know our area.  we actually got a bunch more referrals.  the dismal week actually turned out really good.  we got a lot of referrals and a lot of new investigators.  i hope we can build on this momentum. 
     brodie went on a visa run the other day.  he came back and they only gave him 7 days in malaysia.  freak.  so we spent two days at immigration running around trying to fill out a bunch of paper work for an extention to the regular 90 days.  well after going to a few different buildings and stuff we still got stopped up.  the guy looked through all of the papers we filled out, the photo copy of his passport, the i.c. of a local member, the signature of a local church leader, etc, and then he was like uh no sorry we can't give this to you what??  elder brodie just asked to see the boss.  so we met her in a little room and had a good chat with her.  she said nope.  so brodie hopped on a plane to singapore.  hopefully i meet up with him tonight.  we'll see.  those people with the stamps have too much power.
     we did have an awesome miracle occur.  we were looking through our area book and we called an old investigator that the elders haven't seen since october.  she immediately answered and said she wanted to meet right then.  also can.  later she told us that she never answers numbers she doesn't recognize.  but she felt like she just should.  so that alone was sweet.  she said maybe, only maybe she would come on sunday.  so sunday morning we were at the church and brodie remembered to give her a call.  she said she was already planning on coming with her two kids as well.  wow sweet.  so she came and had a great time.  later she told brodie that that morning she was trying to decide whether to go to our church or the anglican church.  she was reading the bible in timothy and somehow it motivated her to go to ours.  within minutes after that is when brodie called.  she said that just confirmed it and she had to come.  so she is doing great.  i'll update you next week but we are really excited for her and her daughters.
     well i have to run and catch a flight.  i'm like a business man ha ha.  this mission is crazy.  i don't know any mission like it.  i fly way too much.  anyways i love you all.  say hi to the whole gang.  pray for me.  see you soon.
elder petersen

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