Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bear Tracks and Three Amigos

well hey hey hey happy leap year
     good to hear from you guys.  mom thanks for that article.  i read it.  ha ha it has a lot of flaws.  i mean it has inaccurate info about the church.  no wonder people over there are all confused.  that'll be the day if our church is ever highlighted in the paper over here.  no one really cares ha ha.  oh ouch.  backed into a parked car eh?  ha ha better not do shut ins again.  nope i'm clean dad.  never hit anything.  well there was that one time where i was driving down ogden canyon in the winter and the car would not stop sliding and then i carved the gaurd rail.  do you remember that.  that's all.  good luck with tennis spencer.  is there anyone good out there.  i remember back when i was a sophomore there was this one kid that was so good.  he was a state champ.  out of everybody's league on our team.  anyone like that?  oh yeah i know who tyson thornock is.  i used to be friends with his sister until she got popular and well i didn't ha ha.  ya i can't wait to get home to mom's cooking.  oh yes dad i'm getting good at taking rejections ha ha should be no problem when i get home. 
     this past week was awesome!   i mean there were tons of lowlights but some awesome stuff is happening here.  after p day last week we flew to sandakan. it was a blast.  elder nowland and i went and visited one of my recent converts, Jessica and Kong.  they are basically inactive unfortunately  but they are still awesome and still love me.  their oldest son joshua is 13.  when we were teaching him he was so shy.  he always sat in the back and really didn't want to learn.  we had to drag him out.  now surprisingly he's an all star.  he is way active.  he's really involved and has even taught himself how to read.  it's interesting to see.  he's a stud.  sandakan overall is kind of struggling.  it makes me so sad.  i mean we really had the place going back when i was there and i hope it can get out of this slump.  well the biggest thing from this past week is transfers.  seemingly out of the blue there was sister transfers.  both sis gopinath and sis song got taken out of kk.  in fact, there is no one to replace them.  so as of monday kk is down to two missionaries only.  we inherited all of their investigators and now cover both branches.  our area is huge now.  i really don't know how we can manage it.  we'll see what happens. 
     sunday was an awesome day.  on saturday we visited a ton of people and invited everyone we could to church.  we ended up having 13 investigators at church.  dang.  we were so excited.  plus the sisters had 5 which are now ours.  ha ha so many.  plus we had the highest attendence kk2 has had since splitting off last august.  we had a whopping 72 at church.  and for the first time we had more than kk1.  the members are really excited right now.  though you don't know them here is a list of everyone who came to church:  durus, senci, helen, elis, jason, elly, ketty, richard, eric, alvin, ritchie, josephine, and simon.  basically each one has a really cool story behind them.  i can't tell you everyone's.  so i won't tell you anyone's ha ha.  besides that we even had about 5 that we were really hoping would come that let us down.  oh well. 
     when i was walking through town with elder ahmad in sandakan a guy called out to us.  well a lot of people say crap to us because we're white and they think it's funny.  but this guy said hey are you from kk.  that's weird so i stopped and said yeah.  he said he is too.  he was in sandakan for work for just a few days.  he said he's seen us on the bus by his house and stuff. cool.  so he asked is there a time like a month when people can typically join the church because i was raised buddhist but want to switch to christianity.  ha ha wow. also can.  i said ya we baptize people anytime.  we can baptize you tomorrow if you want.  ha ha.  but seriously he is so good.  we met him again yesterday.  he said the same things.  he doesn't know much but for some reason he is really interested.  so i had to go all the way over to sandakan to meet this new solid investigator.  he told us yesterday that he in fact saw me on the bus because i was standing right next to him. what the heck.  why didn't i say anything to him then.  luckily i ran into him again.  talk about me being in the right place at the right time.  my thoughts are wow.  how lucky is this guy.  he doesn't know this church from any other christian church.   he just wants to go to any church.  hopefully he can also realize how blessed he just was.
     yesterday we spent all day out and about.  it was jam packed.  today also we have a few appointments even though it's p day.  we're willing to take the hit though because these people are awesome.  after someone is baptized we as missionaries reteach all of the lessons again.   because the sisters moved yesterday we met and taught flora.  she is amazing.  holy cow she is one of a kind.   she completely gets it.  she is a different person.  she tells us that everyone can see it.  she is also really eager to share the gospel with her friends and family.  wow cool.  i can't really put into words how excited i am.  and i can't describe how good it makes me feel to see someone catch the gospel and just run with it.  so fulfilling.
     well thanks for the talk topic.  ha ha i have a story i wanted to share with you that coincidentally goes along with that topic.  oh man it was so funny.  we went to this one curry house by home with awesome roti cobra daging.  well they have a two huge flat screen tv's.  we sat down to eat and there was a lame movie on.  all of a sudden there was some "bear tracks" if you know what i'm saying.  we could see that there was going to be a bad scene coming up.  so i asked the waitress if she could find something else on.  she was confused so she called this other guy over.  it kind of made a big scene but they eventually switched it to the next station.  ha ha on the next channel was the thee amigo's with steve martin.   ha ha ha oh man it was so so funny.  but it's really old school you know.  so because everyone didn't understand it and it was old they didn't really like it.  i mean this was a pretty full restaurant.  then there was this one scene where they do this little number called my little buttercup.  ha ha ha me and brodie were laughing so hard.  but nobody else was.  so we were trying to suppress our laughter.  we got out of there quick and just started busting up.  everyone totally judged us.  there was this guy behind me that brodie later told me was just hitting his head.  i'm sure all of those cool muslim guys were thinking why on earth would these two young white guys switch the channel from a guy and a girl to three guys in goofy outfits singing my little buttercup.  ha ha i can't think about it without laughing out loud.
     well that's about it for today.  sorry.  my keyboard sucks and my thumb is tired of pounding the space button.  don't get trunky for me.   hey mom all of my white shirts are spoiled.  i was thinking it would be good probably if you could get me a new one for church when i get back.  i forgot what size.  like 15.5 neck or something.  i'll tell you next week.  ok well keluarga have a good week.  love you all.
elder petersen

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