Tuesday, February 7, 2012


     thanks for your awesome letters.  it sounds like things are still moving on back home.  hope everthing's good.  you are always in my prayers.  yeah that would be way fun to go to Loll for a week.  we'll see i guess.  it might not be that fun as a leader actually.  ha ha i'd rather just go road trip with spencer and thomas.  i can't believe that was letter number 100 dad.  wow.  i'm an old missionary.  seriously.  so far the church hasn't been around that long for members to marry members but it seems like a few do get hitched.  the next few years will be telling.  hopefully they can get married and crank out some kids to get the membership up here.  ha ha it sounds like spencer loves to argue.  that's my boy.  i can't believe you didn't go to the fremont vs weber game though.  dang that is sad.  you got to get out there spencer.  so in theory biking in moab sounds fun but really i don't have any experience biking and most likely i'll be slow and clumsy.  ha ha i don't want to slow justin down.  but it would be a blast if i can get the hang of it.  it's good to hear that the new car is running.  keep it warm for me.  i'll pick it up soon. 
The city Mosque
     another awesome week.  the first story i want to tell you actually was happening as i was emailing you last wednesday.  a few weeks ago we called a former investigator from our area book named elis.  she seemed way good but she had moved two hours away to the top of borneo, kudat.  well last wednesday as we were emailing she called and told us that she was in town and wanted to meet.  as soon as we were done emailing we went over to the mall and met her for lunch.  she was awesome!  she has read the book of mormon up to 3 nephi 8.  she said this is definitely true.  wow.  she said her and her two friends have been looking for a good church for a long time and the three of them have been reading the book of mormon together.  she said she can come down to kk twice a month for church.  in july she will move back down here.  also can!  we put her on baptism date for march 31.  that was just an awesome miracle.  it really took no effort on our part except calling a former investigator.  even though she is far from the church she is still way sincere and very excited to learn.  awesome.
The Bintulu Mission President
     thursday through saturday we were in bintulu sarawak for zone conference.  it was combined with the miri, bintulu, and sabah zones.  it was a blast.  that is brodie's birth area so we got to see a lot of members and recent converts.  so much fun.  we ate a ton of awesome awesome food.  one house we went to had about 30 people packed into it.  besides visiting the members the trainings were way good.  i've said it before but i'll say it again, president clark is the man.  i love him.  he got extremely emotional as he told us he wanted to talk about the atonement that day.  all day, morning and afternoon, he gave a training on the importance, the need, and the doctrine of the atonement.  it was way good.  very strong spirit.  it's hard to comprehend and it's hard to express in words but i know it is real and it's a huge blessing.  at the end of the trainings they always call a few people to bear their testimonies.  if it is your last zone conference you for sure do it.  so yup it was my last one.  i gave my dying testimony!  oh man i'm dead.  it was good i think.  i really felt the spirit from the training and i was pretty emotional.  it's embarrassing to cry in front of people but i couldn't help it.  i thought back on all of the experiences i've had and i am so lucky.  so blessed.  i don't really want it to be over.  i mean it's not yet... but it's close ha ha.  the sad thing is that i'm the only one from my group who was there so i gave my dying testimony alone.  ha ha oh well i'll see them soon enough. 
Elder Matheson the other guy from North Ogden :)
He's serving in Kuching
     after being out of our area for a few days we went to work seeing everyone.  the gang is mostly still doing great.  no huge updates.  we found a new really nice family.  i think i told you last week.  like five years ago they went to a fhe at a members house but never really learned again.  last week we knocked on their door.  they were very excited to see us and invited us right in.  the dad is named peter so i can easily relate to him,  the mom is juliana and they have three kids 14 16 and 18.  i hope it all works out for them.  after getting so many referrals it is cool to find someone on our own efforts.  actually after having so many good weeks in a row we lowered our goal for new investigators last week.  i guess the Lord didn't think it should be that low because we were blessed with about 3 times as many as we were hoping for.  ha ha it is awesome!
This is a Sarawak Long House...there are about 40 houses in a row,
all connected, all on stilts, and usually all the families are related.  It's cool.
     yesterday the larson's made us some awesome taco's after district meeting.  wow.  ha ha i miss tacos.  they were so good.  after distict meeting we kind of had some extra time so somehow we got on a huge conversation about marriage.  the larson's are so nice.  they gave us so much advice and told us so many stories.  if i ever need advice in the future i'm for sure calling sister larson.  i hope to stay in contact with them.  they said i can go anytime to their home in north carolina.  also can. 
     well sorry that's about it for the email this week.  i'm hoping to add a bunch of pictures so hopefully that will make up for the shortness.  i love you guys so much.  i really do have a strong testimony that this church is true.  after seeing so many happy active families throughout malaysia i have committed to my self that i will never go inactive as long as i live.  hold me to that.  i'm serious.  i can't afford to not go to church.  i love it.  i hope you have a good week.  get my room ready because i'll be there soon!

Me and Emma Watson, yup,
that's right...a member made this up and sent it to me 
     elder petersen

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