Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 1, 2010

       it sounds like things are going on like usual at home.  i do not miss school i can tell you that.  thats good for jaynanne and spencer on their grades.  this might sound weird but i miss helping jaynanne out with her homework. it was fun.  ha ha. tell spencer if anyone texts him and thinks its me that he can play along with it.  especially if its a girl.  if they don't know i'm on my mission then they're not that close to me ya know?  sounds like work is stressful dad. sorry.  good luck.  i miss grandpa.  thats good that he's in a better place.  it is better right?  i feel bad for him.  do you think he remembers me? ask him.  you said he's going downhill?  how so?  
   dad i am so jealous of you.  that is one of the things i miss most about home: running.  North Ogden is just so beautiful.  the mountains, the trees, the weather, the neighborhoods.  i miss that.  i want to run so bad, and not just around an indoor track ha ha.  
   dad i will take your advice on the talk thing.  we have to write a talk every week and on sunday the branch president randomly invites two missionaries up to share their talk.  so i will try to incorporate those things into my talks.  being zone leaders is going pretty good.  be basically have the routine down.  we know our duties and whatnot.  its easy.  we actually got new elders yesterday.  its fun meeting everybody.  that is one perk.  
    like i said last week i love my teachers.  they are just really cool.  they're all different.  i told you about brother leo and brother maynes.  we also have brother ross and sister hill.  they are also nice and all very good at the language.  
    ha ha.  oh man i do miss uncle brian.  that man is funny.  i wish i could have heard him talk about going to that fast and testimony meeting.  ha ha tell him hi.  when i get back we need to play some serious nine cards down.  so on the amazing race they're going to malaysia?! that is so awesome.  i'm jealous ha ha i can't wait to get out there.  you're going to have to tell me about it, where they go and stuff.  tell me what it looks like as well.  we talk about it all the time in class you know.  we talk about the people and the culture and the food and whatnot.  so i am so excited to go out there.
       ok well things are going really good here.  in class we have almost translated the whole first lesson on the restoration.  we have to start teaching in malay soon.  its exciting but its hard because i think of the sentence in english and then translate it in my head and then try to say it out loud.  it doesn't work out so well.  i can tell you that allah adalah bapa syurgawai kita yang penuh kasih, and that dia kasih kita.  kita adalah anak anak nya.  thats all for now.  i don't know if i got it right but i tried to say God is our heavenly father who is full of love, he loves all of us and we are all his children.  its coming along.  i told you previously about our awesome tie trades.  it has just been me and elder williams but we finally convinced elder tovar to join us.  ha ha he got way into it.  this last saturday i made some great trades.  we were told that silk ties bleed terribly in the humidity so i've been trading out some silk ties for polyester.  i traded that yellow tie you sent me with all of the pen marks for an awesome green one.  ha ha anyways.  
   this last sunday was our first fast sunday.  here at the mtc it is an enforced fast. there are no mealtimes planned and the cafeteria is basically shut down.  so it was easy but i'm used to eating so much food here so i was definitely hungry.  
   last night i filled out a census form!! i count!  ha ha i didn't think i'd be able to.  so thats good, i hope i helped utah's cause for another seat in congress.  
   this weekend i get to enjoy ten hours of general conference on hard plastic chairs. i can't wait. ha ha it should be good. long but good. 
       in class we had a lesson on the apostasy.  brother maynes told us to take a minute and write down where we would be if there was no restoration.  it was weird to think about.  we would be very different i think.  i don't think our family would be as close.  we wouldn't be as happy.  i sure wouldn't be here.  something would just be missing.  we then wrote down a testimony of the restoration and i just wanted to tell you how grateful i am for it.  the gospel has had a huge impact on my life.  it has completely shaped me.  i hope you guys all realize that.  it almost makes me cry to think about that as i sit here typing it. 
   earlier in the week we had to write down family traditions and stuff.  i'm thankful for these things:  i'm thankful we had family dinner every nighti'm thankful we could sit around the dinner table and talk about school or work and the gospel.  i'm thankful for our birthday traditions.  i'm thankful for all of our family vacations and camping trips.  i know a lot of families don't do stuff like that.  i'm thankful for family home evening and sunday nights when we were all together.  i'm thankful for all of you guys, that i can play with and laugh with and cry with.  thank you mom and dad for supporting me and all of us kids whenever we pursue something. oh man you should see me right now.  i can't believe it but i'm crying.  I love you so much, i look forward to hearing from all of you this next week.
Elder Petersen

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