Friday, April 30, 2010

April 29, 2010

i have so much to write so hold on
this last week was huge. so much happened.  we made up a sweet rap for brother leo because he is leaving.  ha ha it is about teaching and finding work and stuff.  
one night last week sister hite had the hiccups really bad.  i was sitting next to her and it was annoying.  so all of a sudden i threw my hands up in the air and yelled really loud.  ha ha i scared elder thurman more than i scared her.  she just started laughing so hard that she snorted and the hiccups didn't even go away.  it was funny.  
tie trade was a huge success last saturday.  i've met some cool elders by walking around.  i practically don't have any of the ties i started with haha.  i have better ones now.  
sunday was so awesome.  we had a change in our branch presidency.  president crawford was released after four and a half years of service.  he was really nice and i'll miss him.  at the temple walk i got some pictures with elder melling.  he is gone now. we talked for a little while.  he is really cool and very talkative.  he'll be good. after the fireside, every sunday they play different films that you can go and watch.  we reluctantly went to a talk by elder holland.  it was so good!! man it changed my life.  it was a talk he gave a few years ago at the mtc.  it was amazing.  he cracked a lot of jokes. he cried. he banged the pulpit. every emotion.  it was just really good.  it was way better than the fireside.  i don't have time for all of the details so i'll just tell you in a few years.  he just has such an awesome spirit.  
tuesday:  another great day.  in class we had a testimony meeting.  we were asked how the book of mormon has increased our faith in Jesus Christ.  it was really really good.  i cried a little.  thank you mom and dad.  you really planted a seed in me of reading the book of mormon.  i talked about how when i was little we read in the mornings a few times and i don't really remember a thing.  then in ninth grade pres hinckley challenged everyone to read it.  that is when i really read it all the way through my first time.  then last august the bishop challenged me to read it.  i finished in february.  when i got to the mtc nobody challenged me to read it.  i wasn't forced or asked.  i just started reading it.  i'm almost done with it.  i've learned more than any other time.  even though i was "forced" to read it as a kid, i'm so thankful that i did.  i love you guys for helping me receive a reliance on this book.  when you read it the spirit is there.  you just can tell that it is right.  thank you.  i'm thankful i was raised in the church and always had people there encouraging me to read.  that night we went down to the devotional and they weren't letting anyone in.  something was up.  as soon as they opened the doors it was a mad dash to get good seats.  as we were singing the prelude music elder L. Tom Perry walked in.  we all stood up.  it was really really cool.  he then talked for 45 min about the Book of Mormon! what are the chances.  it was really good.  it was a jam packed spiritual day.  i love it here!!  
wednesday: another great day.  ha ha i got to host!  it was a blast.  i helped an elder who is going to southern california cambodian speaking.  he was very nice.  after i dropped him off at his classroom i walked back up to the curb to get another missionary.  i looked up and in that main intersection i saw a black suburban.  it was the lipperts! after a second i could see them all waving and yelling.  they rolled down there windows and said hello.  they pulled right up to the curb where i was.  they all got out and said hi and i hugged them all.  it was so cool.  i was so glad i saw thomas.  bishop had a video camera and he asked me if there was anything i wanted to say to the camera.  the traffic people were hurrying us along so i didn't really say anything.  i figured i'd be calling soon.  it was so cool to see them all.  they then said there tear filled goodbyes.  it was cute.  christian was getting teary.  we were walking away and then sister lippert said wait one more... allison ran up and hugged his leg.  ha ha it was sweet.  then we they left and i helped thomas get settled in.  he gave me that backpack.  it is beautiful!!  thank you. where'd you get it.  we talked about the Jazz and stuff.  it was really fun. 

so that was my busy week.  sorry i didn't really respond to your letters i just had to much to say and not enough time to say it.  i may be writing you a letter.  i am supposed to get my flight plans today or tomorrow.  it sounds like things are going really well at home.  mom i got your letter last thursday night.  ha ha you have to send it a little earlier so i can email you about it.  dad thank you for your thoughts on the temple that is really interesting.  last thursday i made it all the way through without any help!  woo hoo.  and i did it pretty quick.  afterword the worker really said good job to me.  it was neat.  you should send me some fresh hot rolls somehow ha ha that would be sooooooo good.  tell sister johnson thank you for the package.  it is much appreciated.  go jazz!!! hopefully they don't choke.  i love hearing about what's going on at home.  keep writing to me.  i love getting mail too ha ha.  the language is coming nicely.  this saturday we have to teach lesson two completely in malay.  i think we got it.  i can't wait to get to the field.

thank you so much for your love and support!
Elder Petersen


  1. Hello, i was Googling my friends Mission entries and i found this ! What a thrill , im an RM too and served in the Singapore Mission finished 8 months from Malaysia. So its like i went on a state side mission. He will have an excellent time here ! whoops ! im Malvinder and if u have questions its at ... take care.

  2. Wonderful! Hopefully you will meet him someday :) Thank Lori