Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 22, 2010

hello people, Week 6
  i'm glad you enjoyed all of my pictures.  ha ha they were kind of random.  don't worry there will be more on the way soon.  ha ha elder thurman is not five inches taller than me.  he must have been on his tippy toes.  i'll send you a back to back picture.  haha sister hite and elder williams don't have southern accents.  that would be funny.  they laughed pretty hard when i told them you asked.  
thank you for the jazz updates.  it sounds like they're struggling.  darn.  i had high hopes for them this year.  as long as they still have a healthy williams and matthews we'll be pretty good. and boozer is back?  good.  we really need kirelenko.  he's an allstar.  
i miss playing ball with the gang.  it sounds like you're playing a lot of driveway basketball lately.  you should invest in a new hoop.  we are in desperate need of one.  
tell thomas good luck.  hopefully i'll see him soon.  i actually get to be a host this week so if i am lucky i will get to help him with his bags and stuff.  tell him to look for me on the curb.  that is interesting about the 120 day thing. i'd say that is a good idea but it means that after you get your call you will have a longer wait until you leave.  oh well. doesn't effect me.  
so you were in an accident?  thats too bad.  it doesn't seem like we can keep the scion healthy.  haha oh well.  did the airbags go off.  and i don't believe that is is really your very first accident.  so grandpa is not doing so good?  don't forget to tell him about me.  i think he'll remember, or at least he might act like he does.  do you think his time here is dwindling?  i hope i can be at his funeral, but i don't want him to suffer for two more years.  john sounds good.  tell him and jaynanne to write me a letter.  what the heck they both just stopped.  he's going to love it here.  ha ha ha that is so funny about mollie's friends.  i can just picture her telling the story and laughing her head off.  thomas told me about unga earlier this week.  thats too bad. i feel bad for him.  he was going places.  he was dang good.  oh well go utes
did you find a backpack?  you never respond to the stuff i email you haha.  i may have access to one. if you find a good one just transfer money from my account and get it.  but let me know asap.
well brother leo is now gone.  he was for sure our best teacher.  once you graduate from byu you can't teach at the mtc.  so wednesday was his last day.  its a shame.  the other day he illegally snuck us in some food.  mtc teachers are not allowed to bring in food.  it was this cookie thing called tim tams.  they are from malaysia but during certain parts of the year you can buy them at target.  anyways they are kind of like oreos but dunked in fudge and they're rectangle.  there's many different flavors.  there's this thing he told us all to do called the tim tam slam.  you bite off each end and then use it as a big straw to suck up milo. milo is a hot chocolatey drink like hot chocolate.  then it quickly melts and you slam it into your mouth. haha i'll try it.  
haha elder thurman has a recorder and every now and then he recordes messages to send to his girlfriend.  it is so funny.  elder tovar always tries to ruin them.  he talks all deep and creepy haha we want to get one and record a message.  
so on monday wednesday and friday we have a goal to syl as much as possible.  syl means speak your language.  it is where you don't speak any english all day long.  it is very hard but it is the fastest way to learn.  by the end of each of these days we are just all speaking english haha.  on saturday we taught lesson 1 in the trc completely in bahasa malayu.  it was hard but we did pretty good.  its just hard to make it personal you know because we are just still mastering the vocabulary.  it is a good experience.  on sunday i will no longer be a zone leader.  i'm going to miss it. it was fun meeting all of the newest elders and telling them whats up.  i will be made into district leader.  so i will still have to go to a bunch of meetings its interesting how they rotate the leadership around.  its a good experience.  
jeremy vincent left this monday.  i went to his residence sunday night and we talked.  he's so cool! i'll miss seeing him.  he'll do good though.  i'm for sure leaving on may 10th.  this means i will be in the mtc on mother's day.  sorry but i won't be able to call home.  however, i will be able to call you from the airport on the tenth so be waiting for that.  it might be expensive so i don't know how long i will talk.  i get my flight plans next week so i'll let you know when i'll be at the airport.  you better be home when i call. 
we had a new english district roll into town this wednesday.  they will leave the same week as us.  so that's a mile marker that we won't see anymore groups come and go.  they seem really nice but really loud.  
at the devotional this week kevin w pearson of the 1st quorum of the 70 spoke.  he was amazing.  they all are.  he said that average is an enemy to excellence.  he said he knew that nobody in the celestial kingdom is average.  we all need to be excellent.  it is something to strive for.  it is my new goal really, to not be average.  i think i'm well on my way. 
Alright, so only two more emails before i hit the field.  then you can email me back because i'll get an hour to email instead of a 30 minute race.  send me some letters!  its good to hear from you.  i love oskar's letters. tell him to keep it up for my whole mission.   its nice.  well take lucki love you
elder petersen

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