Saturday, June 12, 2010

Name Tags OKAY!

Hello all!
oh man i love your letters.  they are always interesting.  please do not get lazy in a few months and stop writing.  you wrote so much i don't even know where to begin to comment.  ha so just know i enjoyed them all.
so i have a lot of random stuff to tell you this week.  first of all i never told you about the name tag thing.  so starting with my group from the mtc, they are telling everybody to start wearing your name tags again.  everywhere, proselyting, through customs, on p-day, always.  so now basically we are just like regular missionaries.  ha ha so i never got to experience the no name tag sensation.  oh well. in all honesty our name tags get a lot of attention and they distinguish us from the Jehovah's Witnesses.  I can't imagine not having them.
Happy Birthday Jaynanne!!!!!!!  have you got any of my letters?  how was your birthday.  i hope is was good.  you are so old. ha ha good luck as a senior. 
hey did you guys ever get my package from the mtc with those pictures.  speaking of pictures, i want to send you some pictures but i am waiting until i have enough that it would be worth it to make a cd.  so just be patient.  if you send me a package could you maybe send a journal.  i'm going to fill mine soon.  and send me more pictures of you all.  i left most of the ones i had in singapore on accident.  i like the blog.  that picture of me at the top is huge! maybe you could shrink it a little.
so funny story.  in malay the p and the f are very much the same, almost interchangeble.  so the other day in our coorelation meeting we were talking about the branch social.  Jason, who is a return missionary and native of Sandakan, was talking.  he kept saying farty instead of party when talking about the social.  i was cracking up!  it was so funny but no one else was laughing or even seemed to notice.  ha ha anyways that is just one funny story about the language.  it is funny when people speak english because a lot of the things do not translate correctly.  i love it. 
well the work here is still pretty slow.  the thing is that sandakan is like 80% muslim and it is against the law to teach them.  so we have to find chinese or christians and then they have to be willing to listen.  we are truly seeking out the elect.  we always find pretty good people and set up return appointments but they always avoid us after thatnever answer their phone.  never answer their door.  so it is hard.  we are working hard every day but it doesn't seem to be paying off yet.  patience i suppose.  last week at church an investigator named sophie brought her family to church unexpectedly.  so that was really really awesome!  hopefully she keeps progressing.  she has expressed desire to be baptized so we will keep praying for her.  we found out that one of our investigators drinks and another smokes!  ha dang.  and these two were both doing really well. like i said, we'll keep praying.
next week is zone conference in kk(kota kinabulu) so i might not email on the same day.  i'll let you know how that goes.  thank you for all of your support and awesome letters.  sorry mine are short and random.  i have so much to say but i can't get it all out. ha ha oh well just know I love you and i'm safe and doing well
Elder Petersen

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