Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spelunking & Roll Call

Hello all!   30-6-2010
First of all yeah the communication thing is annoying.  i only get one hour to read and respond to your emails.  i only read them once.  i have not written any letters really.  i haven't printed them either.  Elder Carter says it is expensive but it can't be too bad.  i'll check it out.  yeah continue with the current email routine.  i don't get a chance to read the emails until wed morning.  maybe on sunday i could read them at the weilands house but not likely.  so maybe if you email by my sunday i will get them.  i am jealous of your letter writing in your mission.  email is time consuming.  why were your P-days sooo busy?

oh man i suggested an idea like your ward squirt several times the summer or two before bartlett. that sounds fun.  ok you can go on trips, but i'm saying we have to do a good one in two years.  i don't think i will be married too soon.  ha ha i can't see it.  i'm still following the world cup as best i can.  the biggest games are all played at 230 in the morning.  too bad usa lost.  every thing sounds good at home.  
i don't really know what to write this week.  it was also a quiet week for me.  first of all sorry this letter is late.  it is now 530 wed night.  we went to some burial cave thing with the weilands and sister clark.  so i could not email this morning.  

i guess i will give you an investigator update.  

first we will start with Hendri.  a few months ago he was living here.  is he 18.  he got randomly picked by the government to go to KL for military training.  he returned a few months ago.  we met him and he asked us when he could get baptized.  he has stopped drinking and smoking and has read some of the Book of Mormon.  he's looking good.  his scheduled date is in a few weeks.

next is jasmin.  she is aobut 28.  married with 2 kids.  i have already told you about her.  she has been out of town for two weeks.  we put her on date for july 24 but it looks like it won't happen.  because she has been gone we don't know how the smoking or reading is going and she obviously has not been at church.  it is annoying.  she wants to be baptized but she has been out of town, something to do with her passport.

sheila: things are not looking good.  she is the indian who is married with no kids who is also on date.  she does not answer her phone or return our calls or texts and does not open her door.  she has not yet come to church.  she isn't christian.  i think she realizes baptism is something important but she doesn't realize that she has to come to church and have lessons from us in order for it to happen.  we will probably drop her.

those are the three on date.

now chin.  ha ha he is actually crazy.  he is single and like 50.  he is a strange chinese man on the 9 o clock bus out of bandar.  we contacted him one day and some how got a return appointment.  he barely speaks malay and barely speaks english.  we just give him all chinese materials and tell him to read.  he has some how made it to church twice.  ha ha so right now he is our best investigator but we don't even know if he understands us.

sophie:  she is married with 6 kids.  sophie lives about 1 hour from sandakan.  she is related to one of our members.  we met her while she was visiting.  she comes into town every few weeks to visit and take her grandma to the hospital.  so we can only visit her when she is in town.  she also wants to get bapitzed but doesn't really know  how it all works.  and she is never in town.

rooney raney family:  these guys are awesome.  about two weeks ago we found these two kids.  rooney is a 17 year old boy and raney is a 16 year old girl.  we taught them about joseph smith and set up a return appointment.  the next time jasli sat it.  he is a 11 year old boy.  we taught lesson one.  next time ranijah, 14 year old girl, and rana, 10 year old girl, sat in.  they really liked it.  next time we got the parents to sit in.  we taught the plan of salvation.  next time the grandpa sat it.  so now we have a family with 8 people who are all doing really good.  they are hilarious.  we will have many more meetings with them so i will tell you more about them later.  
so that is basically the "strong" people we are teaching.  we have a few others.  all but one of those people has been found while i was here.  ha when i arrived we had no investigators.  so the work is slow but it is building.  at least we now have appointments these days.  oh yeah, at church this week we had 66 people!! it was packed.  oh man that was awesome.  hopefully that number keeps growing.  I'm thankful for your emails.  keep them coming.  an actual letter would be cool.  I love you.  keep me in your prayers.  ha ha it gets lonely out here without you guyssee you in 1 year and 8 months!
Elder Petersen

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