Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hard at Work

ha ha ha i love your letters!!   23-6-2010
Man it is just so good to hear from you.  Just your simple day to day things are entertaining.  yeah yeah forward their emails.  I want to hear who these people are that know me.  i think they would all be flushed out by now.  Toy Story sounds awesome.  maybe they will put it on our approved list.  Hey don't go on any fun trips without me.  and when i get home you better plan a really really good trip.  I don't know when Zone Conference will be again.  probably the end of july.  and i have to go on a visa run in the start of august so i could pick up any package then as well.  what is the neighborhood squirt out?  

dad that is so interesting about all of the college shifts.  keep me updated.  i hope the utah byu rivalry continues and i hope we can do good in the pac 10.  we need respect.  oh man i wish i could have watched that game with brett.  ha ha that would have been hilarious!!  ha ha what a goof.  i know what you are saying about bradley's church.  i've been there.  it is not the same.  our ward is like home.  i miss it. and i'm glad to have your permission to watch the world cup.  it is awesome.  so much excitement.  we try to time some of our dinners so that it will be on in the resteraunts we eat at.  ha its cool.  we saw a 7-0 win the other day.  it is definately a cultural thing.  i think it would be bad to not watch it.  plus it is a way to talk with the young men in the branch.  they all love it.
so big week.  first off was zone conference.  it was really fun.  i know that in the next two years i will become sick of airports and those cramped airplanes but right now it is ok.  like i said, we have a small zone.  after i finished emailing last week we went over to the church and had interviews with president clark.  i love that man.  he is so smart.  having his sister and mother in sandakan has been nice.  i've heard some sweet stories about him.  he is very into outdoors.  i think i can get him to hike mount kinabalu next zone conference with us.  the interview was good.  he answered many questions i had.  that night all of us younger missionaries went bowling and hung out in kk.  the next day is when we had training and stuff.  it went from 8:30 to 5:00 with a lunch break in between.  very long but pretty good.  i was told right before the meeting that we were supposed to have prepared talks and that three of us would randomly be called to give them.  you guessed it, i was called.  ha ha i just talked a little about hiking experiences and talking to people on the trail and related to to talking to everyone we meet to find investigators.  it turned out really well.  all of the older missionaries said so anyways.  i was just mad my companion never told me about this.  ha ha oh well. 
we found an awesome family.  last week we met the five kids.  ranging in age from 17 down to 10.  we taught them and they are very nice.  very funny.  the 11 year old boy is crazy.  he always just randomly starts laughing at me.  ha ha it is good.  i think we have the kids' trust.  their parents were never home.  they all came to church.  yesterday  we finally had a lesson with the whole family.  we taught them the plan of salvation.  i think they really enjoyed it.  they want to all come to church but the dad works most sundays.  i could see them all becoming active.  very nice and very fun.  only the three oldest kids know how to read.  the parents do not know.  this is a small challenge but we told them to all read together as a family.  i think they will.   our other investigators are doing pretty good.  we got Jasmin to commit to stop smoking and set a baptismal date.  thats awesome.
HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!   i missed it again.  last year i was at camp.  dad i love you.  you are so awesome.  so spiritual so smart so funny so likeable.  ha ha you better not be too old to play basketball or go running in two years.  now that i am on my mission i want to hear more of your mission stories.  i can relate.  i don't know about any of your baptisms.  did you have any.  what did you usually do all day.  anything crazy ever happen.  let me hear it.
i love you all.  i look forward to your letters and emails.  don't forget about me as you go off and have fun this summer.  thank you for your love and support.  You are so amazing.  ha ha i don't even know what to say.  i can't express what i am feeling here.  just know i love you and miss you.
Elder Petersen

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