Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Up's & Down's

why hello        July 21, 2010
wow what a week you seem to have had.
i say this every week but i love your letters they are so awesome.  thats great that spencer got his eagle!  tell him i'm proud.  mom you are wonder woman.  ha ha you work so hard.  we would all be lost without you.  oh man the youth spectacular sounds like it went pretty good.  you said you couldn't write about it without crying.  it also made me cry just to read it.  that veil part sounds awesome.  i got the chills just reading it.  its so cool to think about.  i'm way over here on the other side of the world teaching people about the plan of salvation also.  you know its just kind of cool to think about that we're all doing the same thing really.  oh man i'm tearing up just typing this.  i know this work is true.  its awesome.  i just want to share it with everyone that i can.  

well i sure hope spencer and dad have fun on the jamboree.  i will never forget those times.  so fun, so memorable.  oh don't worry about sending letters to sandakan.  thats totally fine.   ha ha elder carter got a package here the other day.  it hadn't even been tampered with.
well this week was just full of ups and downs.  saturday we had a service project with the young men.  because we're out here in the middle of nowhere and this branch is so small we can basically do what we want.  like in other missions the elders wouldn't help out with these kinds of things but here its totally alright.  we worked all morning in the rain clearing the  yard of the church.  we cut all of the trees and flowers and just made it look really good.  afterward we went and played some good football.  there were like maybe 16 or 18 of us.  man if you want to play some good ball play with a bunch of native malaysians.  it was a blast. my team won of course.  ha ha it was muddy and wet.  we all played barefoot.  i showed them all that this orang putih (white man) can play just as good as them.  i scored a penalty kick even.  ha ha it was really fun.  

we had a baptism sheduled for that night so we went home to shower and study a little bit.  after we started studying we got a bad text from hendry.  he said that he was busy at 7:00, his scheduled time, and he wanted to do it right now.  we were like what?! so we ran over to the church as fast as we could, probably about 20 min away.  and we met with him.  we said no deal.  it had to be tonight at 7:00 or maybe next week.  we had already invited other investigators and most members.  how much did he really want this.  he said he couldn't do it tonight because he had to watch his older sisters children.  so he left.  its heartbreaking really.  he was so close.  i was really sad, not for me.  he's not just a baptismal statistic.  i'm sad for his eternal salvation.  he doesn't realize how big this is.  it was so frustrating.  i feel like i couldn't convey what i wanted to say because i can't speak malay that well.  arg.  

after that i had a good sit down with Jason.  I told you about him earlier.  he is the amazing return missionary that went to the philippines.  he just talked with me.  he told me his thoughts.  he said this happened to him a few times and he would cry for them.  his eyes started watering up when he was talking to me.  he said this is why we need to work even harder.  he told me things he did to improve his planning and lessons and teaching.  i learned a lot.  this man is truly genius.  i'm so thankful to have met him.

after that we stayed at the church to tell people that showed up that it was a no go.  afterward we stayed and cooked dinner in the kitchen.  jason is also a very good cook we had rice soup with chicken head and feet.  ha ha it was good.  the brain was gross but like the throat and everything was good.  it was fun.  the three of us cooking at night in the church.  it was definiately a day of ups and downs.
so that is what happened on saturday.  i don't have time to tell you what happened on the other 6 days.  but things are going good here.  i'm still working hard and still alive.  the work is still slow but its moving.  right now i am sitting in a internet cafe.  there is always music blasting.  today it was 'the climb' by miley cyrus and 'my life would suck without you' and 'because of you' by kellie clarkson.  ha ha the climb is an awesome song.  good message.
have a good week this week.  don't worry about me out here.  i hope the summer continues to be successful.  I Love You!!
Elder Petersen

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