Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Fruits" of the labor

hello hello
how are you all.  oh man i really really enjoyed dad's email this week.  it definetly took me on a trip down memory lane.  ha ha the jamboree was awesome.  i'm glad they're having a good time.  ha ha it makes me really want to go.  we'll have to go on a family trip back east some time.  the philly cheese steaks sound good and also midevil times.  ha ha i can only imagine that place packed with scouts it would be hilarious.  so much fun.  Jeremy shot himself in the hand?!  oh my heck thats not good.  but he's doing alright?  wow.  is it going to affect his work or anything like that. 
I got your mail!!!  ha ha oh man it was a happy day i'll tell you that!  it had rained all day.  as i got home, we checked the mail box.  there was some junk mail that was soaked.  we waved hello to our neighbor/landlord and he said wait a second.  he ran into his house and got our mail that he saved from the rain.  what a nice guy.  i got a letter from jaynanne and dad and john.  they were great.  i loved the pictures from jaynanne.  ha ha they were really good.  and the trip down memory lane was nice.  you said something about an earthquake in the indian ocean?  ha ha there's no way we felt that.  we aren't even close to that ha ha but thanks for caring.  don't worry we're all safe here in Sabah.  also what is the ragnar.  you said spencer is doing xc, which is awesome!, and that they were running the ragnar.  whats that.
     ok this week was excellent.  i don't really know what to say though.  so many thoughts so little time.  it is like dad trying to tell you all of the jamboree stories, there's just no way.  so first thing first is Ning's family.  he is the father.  there is him and his wife and 5 children. they are so awesome.  yesterday the zone leaders came into town and gave them their baptismal interviews.  they will be baptized on august 7th if it all works out.  they are in our prayers.  this family is basically our one shining hope.  ha ha.  they are the best thing we have going right now.  and they are really really good.  they will help strengthen the branch big time.  
      this week was also a good week for trying new fruits.  i tried mangostein and rambutan.  ha ha both very good.

 the rambutan was given to us by a man we contacted.  he just pulled it off a tree and put it into a bag to give to us.  it is these little red fruits like the size of a golfball.  then there is all these green things coming off it it like hair.  google it or something to see better.  inside is a sweet fruit with a pit in the center.  its good.  the mangostein is intersting also.  a little bit bigger.  the shell is dark purple and kind of thick.  inside is this white fruit that is pretty sweet.  kind of in little wedges like an orange.  very good.

     this one crazy kid came home to sandakan this week.  his name is john chin.  he's jason's brother and the son of marrycle.  he's pretty funny.  he's been living in bintulu, in sarawak, for a little while to work and whatnot.  now he's waiting for his mission call.  so until it arrives he's basically coming with us to visit and stuff like that.  he's so funny.  he thinks he's so good and sports but i put him in his place.  for example.  last week we went bowling.  we had a little deal that the loser would buy the winner pizza.  i wasted him.  haha.  so he's owes me a personal pan pizza hut pizza.  it was a close match but in the end i conquered.  its really good to have him at our lessons because of course he knows malay very well.  i've learned a little bit from him.  who knows, if he gets called to the singapore mission we could be companions one day.

     i told john and jason mine and jaynanne's facebook profiles so don't be alarmed if they invite you as a friend.  oh and go onto mine and accept them so they can look at my page.  ha ha don't worry their cool.  just accept them if they ask. 
well thats about all here for this week.  i emailed a bunch of people so sorry this letter is short and random.  next week will hopefully be better.  i will be in singapore in two weeks and president clark will be here on friday.  so i've got some things coming up to look forward to.  hey since dad's in virginia i want an email next week from jaynanne or mollie.  ok?  bagus.  so thats all.  until next week.  saya sayang kamu
elder petersen

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