Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Letters from home :)

Dear one and all,    7-13-2010
Man i love your letters.  i was just cracking up the whole time.  you make me trunky, in a good way.  the ward squirt out sounds like a fun success, at least for you.  ha ha your scout flag tactic is genious.  i can just see you doing it.  question, how do the targets change.  if you kill someone do you get their target.  can you be eliminated?  i'm a little confused.  sounds fun though.  the youth spectacular sounds interesting.    i can't believe korver what the heck.  so do we have anybody to replace them?  that is interesting.  the bulls aren't even that good anymore.  and lebron james is an idiot.  ha ha but he's dang good. 
i don't really know what to write this week.  nothing huge happened.  nothing other than the normal day to day activities which would bore you.  I got mail!! i've been here for nine weeks and i have finally recieved mail.  it was from the Johnsons.  oh man they are awesome.  i mean i hear from you every week in email but i can't believe i haven't recieved any mail from you in nine weeks, it hurts.  in the mtc when i told brother maynes that i had two younger sisters he said oh then you will be getting mail your whole mission.  this has not come to pass yet.  that is a coinincidence that you talked about mail when i was planning on reporting about my letter.  ha ha anyways...i still want something, even if that sounds selfish.  did you ever recieve my mail?  you never said.  i sent a letter to mollie and jaynanne once and then another time i sent a birthday card to jaynanne and spencer with a postcard also.  did you get either of those. 
they are changing the zone conference ways.  instead of having zone conference every 6-8 weeks we will now have it every 3 months.  thats a bummer.  i was looking forward to going to kk in a few weeks.  instead, president is going to visit each area and go visiting with the elders when we would have had zone conference.  oh well i have a visa run on august 10th.  so i will get a small break.  that may also be the same time as transfers because many elders are going home.  i'll let you know about that.
of course i have been following the world cup.  thats cool that spencer has too.  the other day we went to an appointment with Jason Chin.  he is a cool 17 year old kid in our branch.  he's way into football.  it was on the day that spain beat germany.  so we were of course talking it up.  he wanted spain to win it all so naturally i chose the netherlands so that i could mess with him.  ha ha so then he made a little bet with me.  if spain won i would have to buy him a spain jersey and a romli burger, if netherlands won he would buy me a jersey and cook dinner for us.  we shook on it and it was legit.  as you know, spain won.  the game time was 2:30 am so pretty much every kid stayed up all night to watch it,  it ended at 5:30 and then they all had school at 6:00.  ha ha so today i went and bought a jersey.  he's so funny, last night we saw him at a branch thing and he would not let me forget who won.  ha ha he's a really cool kid, good member, probably the best young man that is most likely to serve a mission. 
as for investigators, they are still all the same.  nothing different than last week.  Hendri should get baptized this Saturday and the Ning family is doing awesome.
since i couldn't think of what to report on this week i just started thinking back to the good old days.  i keep thinking about camp loll.  man i miss that place.  i want to write a letter to them but i don't really know what to say.  my experience there was life changing.  then i thought back to our trip to San Fran for some reason.  that was so fun.  thanks for taking us.  then i thought back to the jamboree.  oh man that was an adventure.  i'm so jealous that you get to go again.  you better take a lot of pictures and give me a good report.  don't waste any time there either.  do all of the activities and make sure you get into the patch trading.  also enjoy washington dc.  that was awesome.  i love that place.  hey will i still get an email from you when you are at the jamboree.  someone better still write me.  anyways sorry that was random. 
I miss you all.  i promise my next letter will be better. tell someone, anyone to write me a letter.  i miss you all!
elder petersen
ps  i have been emailing john.  he's hilarious.  he told me to tell you to write him a letter. 

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