Wednesday, August 11, 2010


hello hello hello
     as usual it is very good to hear from you.  oh man the jamboree sounds so awesome.  it brings back the memories when you talk about it.  thank you for those updates, they were awesome. 
     well not much to report this week except...WE GOT A BAPTISM!!!!  yes yes yes oh man it was great.  we baptized the family of seven.  they were so good.  but it was not easy, we had to fight for it, but the pay off was well worth it.  the day of their baptism, the mom was working and the car was in the shop.  we thought uh oh maybe this isn't going to go down.  actually even one hour before the baptism i wasn't sure it was still happening.  for instince the program changed so many times.  here is everything that changed: opening prayer, music leader, first talk, second talk, first talk again, a witness, and closing prayer.  pretty much every person we had scheduled dropped out. haha crazy malaysia.  but it all worked out. 

Ronny the oldest son chose me to baptize him. it was sweet.  it was in malay.  after the baptism they each got the chance to bear their testimonies.  the power went out during the youngest girl's.  so it was kind of hectic.  but in the end is was a great meeting.  we had one investigator come and also a less active family who hasn't come to church in ten years.  the next day i got to do the confirmation of the youngest daughter Rinijah.  it was a sweet experience.  again i did it all in malay.  i didn't know if i would be able to.  i didn't know if i knew enough malay.  the fact is i've only given a handful of blessings and none in malay.  haha i said a prayer and it was really good.  i surprised myself on this one.  i believe this is the first baptism in sandakan since last november.  so wow it was much needed.  now we need to find more investigators and crank out a few more baptisms.
     that was for sure the highlight of the week.  we just focused on that all week really because we didn't want to blow it.  oh i got a story.  we were at one member's house teaching his cousin investigator.  we were all sitting around the table talking.  just the four of us.  he has these really cute little girls, maybe like 4 and 6 years old.  they were running around and stuff.  one time i was talking and one of the girls started messing with my bag.  i was like what the heck.  so i tried to push her hands away but continue talking.  she was reaching inside my bag and it was annoying because we were in the middle of the lesson.  so i pushed her hands out and then zipped up my bag.  wrong move.  she just started crying and crying. i was like whats going on.  she was saying something in malay but i couldn't understand her because she was crying so bad.  ha then kennedy just started laughing so hard.  ha ha it turns out that she was getting ready for a bath.  she was running around with the shampoo and soap and accidentally dropped them in my bag.  when she tried to get them out i pushed her hands away and zipped the bag.  ha ha her dad was laughing so hard.  i handed them back and she grabbed them and ran away.  it was funny.
     now i am sitting at a pretty nice internet cafe in singapore.  wow this is a different world compared to sandakan.  this morning we went and played volleyball on the beach and now we are going to go eat some indian food and go shopping.  i think it would be really fun to serve here.  it really is like a different mission.  tomorrow we re enter malaysia so if you don't here from me next week it is because i got stopped by the border patrol and was detained.  ha ha main main sahaja.  transfers are on friday.  its looking like pretty good chances that elder carter is leaving.  he's been in sandakan for like seven months.  to tell you the truth i kind of want to get transferred.  the average time in any area here is like 5 or 6 months.  that is too long.  i think you lose some motivation.  its good to move around.  ah well its not my call.  i'll let you know next week what went down.  oh sister clark is getting transferred so it'll be the wieldands only in sandakan.  
     so thats about it this week.  i was kind of hoping for that promised package when i got here but it wasn't waiting for me.  ha oh well.  i'm not too offended.  i'll be back here in two weeks hint hint.  i enjoy your emails,  jaynannes was really good.  enjoy the rest of the summer.

Elder Petersen

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