Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Airport Internet

hello one and all
well we never went to an internet cafe the other day.  but here i am in the singapore airport waiting for my flight.  they have free internet all over the place.  we just finished our week long training/mission conference.  it was so fun.  i met some really fun elders.  oh man there are some real characters out there.  its been a good week.  president clark is truly an inspired man.  he is just a real genius.  he knows how missionary work should be done and he's good at teaching it to us.  i'm excited to get back to work.  also i'm excited to get to work with a new companion.  (Elder Garrett) it will be different but it should be pretty fun.  yesterday we went out on the town to contact and see the sights.  it was a blast.

they were having the closing ceremonies of the first ever youth olympic games.  so we went down town.  the main stadium is right on the river/bay and there were tons of people all over the place with cameras on tripods and stuff.  they all told us that there was going to be some big fireworks.  so we sat around and talked to people and waited for the fireworks.  they were really good.  i got some really good pictures. it was so loud and the echos just came off the buildings really really loud.  just a lot of fun. 
thanks for the advice on the picture deal.  i already got a lot from elder carter.  email the wielands again and ask for more.   i'm not too bummed about any pictures i lost. just the mtc really.  ha ha oh well.  life goes on.  also thank you for the package.  i wish you sent it two weeks ago but oh well ha ha.  i probably won't get it until next zone conference in the end of september.  i did get a letter from stephanie.  will you tell her thank you and good luck.
well thats all for this week.  i just wanted to say hello and send at least a partially good letter.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  don't think i forgot...cause i didn't.  it was all part of my plan to say it now.  you see, right now it is still the 26th in america.  if i would have said it earlier it would have been premature.  anyways happy birthday.  you are so awesome.  i hope this next year is a good one.  i won't be there for any  of it ha ha.  i'm thankful for you and all of the work you do to help me out.  i'd be lost without you. i love you!
elder petersen

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