Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Singapore Mission Changes

 it is great like always to hear from you.  your letters are funny. it sounds like things are going good at home.  dad it is dang weird to think that i am one fourth done with the mission. scary really.  mom what is normal.  ha ha you say you will eventually return to normal.  i think our house has no normal.  normal for us is constant change.  ha ha its been a long time since there has been no chaos at our house.  but i hope it does settle down.  but don't get bored if it does.

so much happened this week that i really don't know where to start.  first of all i already told you a little about singapore.  it was a blast on sunday is when we switched companions so all that week we cruised around singapore together.  it was a good way to meet a new companion i'd say.  anyways the conference was really good. i learned a lot.  did i ever tell you about the mission split?  so basically they are subdividing the mission.  it is technically one mission still but it is split.  you see the state of Sarawak, also on Borneo, is very different than any other state.  they have a seperate passport chop than any other state.  and there culture is very different.  very poor and "native" and what not.  the mission will have two parts.  the singapore sarawak mission, and the singapore west malaysia and sabah mission.  so whatever area you begin in will be where you serve for the whole two years.  so this means i'll never serve in sarawak.  its kind of a bummer.  that is where everyone wants to serve.  in the jungle, nobody speaks english,  they have cool traditions, and the baptize like crazy.  oh well i guess.  i will enjoy sabah while i am here.  in west malaysia and singapore they don't really speak malay or anything like that.  we will have to see what happens.
     so since we arrived on friday night we've been working pretty hard.  we went to dinner with the wielands that night after they picked us up from the airport.  saturday we went and visited many investigators and just kind of showed garrett around the area.  like i said before we are huge.  ha ha wow.  we're pretty much equal height.  i guess i'll tell you about him.  from st george. five kids.  parents are cooks at the frosty top drive in or something.  that famous one with the icees.  he played college basketball before the mission at a junior college in idaho.  and he's been out for one year.  so get along pretty good.  i think we will have some good success. 
     as far as the work is going, its going good.  we are getting some excellent referrals.  that is great because that means less tracting.  so hopefully the work really picks up soon.  i don't know what else to say.  things are normal ha ha whatever that means.  i can't wait for your package.  i sent you and the johnsons a postcard.  i hope you get it.  tell them thank you for their letters.  its weird to think that i am not starting school this year.  every august for like 13 years i've gone to school. now i'm in borneo.  ha ha i miss dad's blessing.  i also remember the blessings from last year.  that was cool.  when i gave dad a blessing it was the first one i ever did.  ha ha good experience. 
     well i'm thankful for you guys. you're great.  next week i will try to organize my thoughts into a better letter.  i love you.  i enjoy your letters.  have fun with this next school year.  live it up jaynanne.  wow jaynanne's a senior, spencer is in high school, mollie is in junior high, and oskar is a big bad sixth grader?!! oh man thats nuts.  time flies.  alright i'll hear from you next week.
elder petersen

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