Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Noodle Making Contest Trophies

hello! macam mana minggu ini?
this week was awesome! i kind of have a lot to say.  i'll probably forget it a lot. ha ha. your emails were very interesting.  always a good read.  that is really sad to hear about grandpa.  i always hoped i would be able to see him again. or at least be able to go to his funeral.  oh well.  it'll be better if he can just move on.  i feel bad for him.  you know? but thats why the plan of salvation is so cool!  because we know exactly where he's going.  there's nothing to worry about.  GO UTES!! i don't care if they are beating easy teams.  a W is a W.  i'll take it.  always keep me updated on them.  Steffanie's farewell sounded interesting.  i'm excited for her.  she'll do good. 
i have a lot of random thoughts here.  mom, i enjoyed the world news.  is anything going on out there?  keep me posted.  did you guys ever recieve a mission video.  President Clark makes a video and sends it to all the families.  we actually are not going to Sibu on the 19th.  instead it got moved to KL on the 11th.  we're pretty disappointed.  we were looking forward to the people we would meet in Sibu.  plus elder garrett served there and we had big plans for meeting members and getting stuff.  oh well.  KL will be fun.  its just not the jungle we were expecting.  one question.  when i was in the mtc you told me that you would all gather around and read my emails.  is the fire still there?  are you still excited? ha or am i just old news.  i'm just curious. 
Sandakan is on FIRE!  man right now we are doing so so good.  i am really excited.  we had 14, yes 14 investigators at church on sunday and now we have 17 people on date.  that is incredible.  this area has always been kind of weak, kind of struggling.  we are changing that.  i can't say its anything i've done.  it is totally a blessing from above.  we're just helping it along.  i hope this stays alive.  i have been here a while.  i'm a little bit afraid of being transferred now.  i have to see all these people out.  and sandakan is probably my best option of malay speaking areas that i could even go.  so i guess i need to enjoy this while it lasts.  dad, a while ago, when i was in mission prep, you started to look through Preach My Gospel.  i was wondering if you still read it.  it is an awesome book.  there was a section in the Liahona about it.  if you're not reading it you should.  i believe it is scripture.  i mean you don't have to, ha i feel out of place telling you to do something. but i invite you to.  its good.
short story.

this week we have a branch social with a noodle making contest.  sister weiland was trying to figure out what to give as prizes.  in our house there are about 100 or more pingpong and badminton and other random event trophies that the previous owner left to us.  we told her we would donate some. so after popping off the ping pong players and what not we put them in an open box.  elder garrett carried it.  ha ha it was funny.  walking through sandakan and riding the bus with all these trophies.  this one guy asked me how we won them and i told him we were really good at ping pong.  we got some honks and thumbs up and stuff.

also yesterday was our recent convert Rayne's birthday.  we we went and bought a cheap cake and put her name on it.  we went to her house and lit candles and put a birthday hat on her and sang.  it was really funny.  she was very embarassed.  they aren't so into birthdays here.  the dad didn't even know it was her birthday or how old she was.  ha ha so we were there to make it a special day. 

one last thought.  i love the scriptures. everyday i get to read for like an hour and a half or two hours.  very interesting stuff.  i just read jacob 5.  i remember the first time i read it in 9th grade.  i was so confused. i just pushed through it so i could finish it.  this time i read a chart that outlined it and stuff.  it makes perfect sense.  its a cool analogy.  also at the end there are some great verses.  i  just can't believe how much i can get out of the scriptures.  i feel the same but when i look back i can see that i have really grown out here.  i have the spirit to help and guide me.  i'm doing things that i've never done before.  it feels completely natural to go into a stranger's house and testify about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ.  it feels good.  I know this is what i'm supposed to be doing right now.  I know that missionary work is so important.  it is all part of Heavenly Father's plan.  we are here to help his other children find the truth.  its exciting to be a part of this eternal effort.  I love you guys.  keep doing whats good.  keep reading the scriptures.  keep praying.  pray together.  samai minggu depan!
Elder Petersen

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