Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Fire, On Track :)

Apa Khabar
     It sounds like things are going great back home.  that's so awesome that Jonathon is getting baptized!  that whole story is really just sweet.  i'd say mom had a huge role in his decision.  go mom!  congratulations on actually getting together and quilting.  you've always said you've wanted to so that's good that you did.  save some pears for me.  or better yet send me some.  That's sweet that jaynanne went to the dance.  i hope she had fun.  i know that kid.  he ran cross country.  pretty nice.  the next time we meet president clark is going to be october 19th.  all missionaries in east malaysia are going to Sibu in Sarawak for part two of our huge training.  so if you sent a package soon i would probably get it then.  if not i might get it at the end of november.  oh man also thats super cool that stephanie is serving a mission.  she'll be good.  she wrote me a letter telling me how great you are for offering to take her to the temple.  thats pretty sad about grandpa and grandma.  tell them i'm thinking about them.  and give them updates on my work here.  so why was susan fired?  just downsizing?  thats sad.  and why are they looking in weber?  i mean that is sweet but seems a little bit random.    GO UTES!!!  oh man it sounds like they are starting out a terrific season.  oh byu, so sad.  do they have anything going this year like their "quest" t shirts that one year.  ha ha idiots.  thats good for danny.  it sounds like thats how i will be.  actually if i get into four areas that would be good. its looking like three areas ha ha.  oh well at least i'm in a good area. 
     whoo!  that was all in response to your letters.  i love your emails.  always enjoyable.  This last week was really fun.  things are just going really good here.  last wednesday we had a farewell party for John Chin.  he left to the manilla mtc on thursday.  he was the bomb.  he went out with us like every day.  we will miss him for sure.  on thursday we flew to KK for zone conference.  it was a good conference.  KK is fun.  it is a lot bigger than sandakan.  also it has McDonalds!!!!  we ate there like four times. ha ha i got a bunch of souveniers there.  they have a huge mall.  one thing i bought was a 500gb hard drive.  it might have been an impulse buy, slightly, but i will use it.  it was pretty cheap i think.  i don't know what they run for in america.  i will back up all of my photos to it.  now i can take more photos and videos.  also i can use it after my mission.  our training by president clark was great.  he talked about angels. very good.  also he talked about agency.  pretty deep stuff.  he is very wise.  on saturday and sunday we had district conference in KK.  a lot of branch members came on a 6 hour one way bus.  it was fun to see them all.  we have the best branch.  that conference was also very good.  there were some awesome talks.  there was this man named elder subandriyo (spelled wrong for sure).  he is an area 70 or something.  he is a native indonesian.  he was a good speaker.  and everyone could understand him because he spoke indo.  i was talking to him after  and he has a son serving right now in the ogden utah mission.  maybe one day you'll meet him.  he's been in bountiful and kaysville and layton. 
     right now the missionary work is on fire!  we are getting a lot of referrals. we just put two families on baptismal date.  we just met another 6 member referral family.  things are going good.  we run out of time in the week to meet everybody we want to.  this is an excellent problem to have.  hopefully a few of them get baptized.  president clark told me that he is expecting big things for sandakan.  he has some faith in us up here and i don't want to disappoint. potentially i can see us having about 20 baptisms before the year is up.  that would be huge for this area.  also he talked to the couple about starting to look for land to build a nice new chapel.  wow! that would be awesome.  so things are going good here.  i'm safe, i'm healthy, and i'm having a good time.
     i got your package!  it was so cool.  the assistants brought it all split up in their luggage.  ha ha it was big.  whats with all of the wet wipes?!  ha ha so many.  its like monk or something. i haven't had anything as sweet as starbursts in months.  that will blow the malaysians minds.  they won't be able to handle it. the journal is perfect.  that tennis article was incredible.  i am in disbelief.  their entire match lasted like 11 hours.  i can't imagine that.  wow. truly insane.  they hit like 98 and 95 aces.  ha ha  wow.  that would have been one to go to.
     I love you!  i miss you.  i hope you don't forget about me.  don't worry about me.  keep reading the scriptures and saying your prayers.  hey hows that family home evening chart going.  stay safe and write me a good email next week, coughcoughspencercoughcough.  i will look forward to it.  sampai minggu depan,
Elder Petersen

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