Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthdays all around

     hello all and happy january 26.  i have a quick question.  do i turn 20 on the 28th? because that is in actuality 20 years from the day i was born because it will be the 27th over there in america.  interesting...  well mollie i have to say your email was so awesome.  ha ha i didn't even know it was you until you finally said it was.  ha i thought it was jaynanne or actually mom.  i guess i expected your emails to be like 3 lines of poor english like back when you were in elementary school.  ha no offense.  i would like a rocky road cake of course.  eat an extra big peice for me.  at a girl mollie, getting the good grades.  i am so jealous of that toad's thing.  wow that would be fun.  ha ha ha ha ha ha that is so funny that the kids stole your food.  ha ha ha i can picture you not even noticing and then finally noticing and then being all angry and scratching your head and them all laughing.  ha ha ha.  yeah baby i'm almost an old man.  i love people guessing my age.  most times they guess like 24 or 25 just because i am tall.  i tell them i am 19 and they flip out.  mwa ha ha its cool.  well i hope you all get healthy. i have one birthday request.  there is an approved movie called 'forever strong' about rugby and there is no chance we will find it here in asia so i was wondering if you could send it over.  but if not that is ok because then i will have to carry it around for 14 months.  if you send it, send the cd only, not the case.
     well on to the week.  nothing cool happened... ha ha to me.  actually to tell you the truth this week was the bomb!  we had a bunch of referrals that are turning out great.  i'll tell you about a few.  first is Daniel.  he is from mainland china and is a 22 year old student here in singapore.  last semester he did this exchange thing in canada.  there he met the missionaries and from september to december he had weekly appointments.  we were given his name through the mtc referral center.  he is cool.  and he is smart.  he already knows all of the lessons but we have to teach him again anyways.  he should pan out pretty well.  next is Kim.  she is also a 22 year old student from vietnam.  she was handed over to us by some other elders.  they were teaching her because one of them knew vietnamese.  but he finished his mission a few weeks ago so now we are teaching her because she will go to our ward.  so it is cool.  she is getting bapitzed on saturday.  basically she was already taught everything so it was a free baptism to us.  ha ha but she is really funny and pretty cool.  monday was her birthday so we got her a cupcake and a balloon.  she was so happy because she said nobody here knew it was her birthday and nobody said happy birthday to her but us.  also she said ever since she was a little girl she wanted a birthday balloon but her parents never bought her one so she was so happy.  next is Jenny she is a filipino maid of a local member.  the member brought her to church to help take care of her kids and so since then we've been teaching her.  she's cool and very open.  last is Michelle.  she is so so good.  she is also from mainland china and maybe like 23 years old.  i don't have the full story but it goes something like this.  she was really sad one day on the mrt.  and she prayed or something.  then she ran into an expat member that recognized her as her neighbor.  they started talking and then she felt really good and agreed to come to church that week.  unfortuneatly that neighbor went back to america until the end of february.  but luckily another member, the webbs, has really helped us to fellowship her.  she is so good.  she is really open to everything we've taught her.  she has come to church twice already.  last night she went to a RS activity.  sister webb said that she was just talking to all the ladies and was a big help to their chinese new year themed party.  ha ha so  things are looking good for her.  she knows some good members and likes our message.
     so that is our main investigator situation.  the work went really well this last week.  i'm happy because this area is kind of known for its slow work.  one last thing. do you remember me telling you about that one family that we had dinner at their house and they were so awesome and from new zealand.  on saturday we went to their house again for dinner.  they are so cool.  just that day they had bought the new xbox 360 interactive gaming thing that can sense your body movements.  also they bought a tony hawk skateboard game where you actually stand on a skateboard and move it around.  we each got to try it out.  it was a lot of fun.  they are fun people.  the food she cooked was awesome.  she gave us like 30 lbs of food to take home.  so nice.  on the ride home they gave us a $50.00 bill.  we were blown away.  too nice. ha ha
     thank you for everything.  hope you have a good celebration over thereoh i ate that mac and cheese this week.  whoa too much.  ha ha too rich or something.  i finished it but was kind of overwhelmed.  i can't believe how much butter it takes.  i can't believe i ate so much last year.  ha ha.  let me know when/how much money you put in my account.  don't put too much.  no need really.  ok have a good week.  say high to everybody for me.  say hi to grandma.  tell uncle brian happy birthday.  jangan tidur kalau perlu kencing!
elder petersen

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