Wednesday, January 19, 2011

G.A.'s are people too :)

what up homie
     oh your emails are so interestng.  they make me miss home i tell you what.  i'm glad you enjoy mine as well.  i feel like every week is the same here and its kind of boring to keep telling you what happens.  this week was a little different.  i'm way jealous you saw harry potter.  i see a lot of movie previews here in the city.  there are big screens and posters everywhere.  as much as i hate the harry potter movies, this one looked kind of exciting.  i remember those dreaded ward conference meetings. its good to hear that my little siblings have strong testimonies.  keep it up.  guess what?! last week i passed my 10 month mark.  i might have already said that.  its sweet.  the chickens are birthing?  ha ha wow.  so much for eating the eggs.  i thought that's why you wanted the eggs, not so they could hatch.  jaynanne! i got your letters.  oh it made my day.  now that i'm here i get them as soon as they arrive instead of waiting a few weeks or months.  i didn't procrastinate this time and have already sent you a letter back.  its kind of short though but i did it! send another!
     this week was interesting.  i'll start out with last p-day.  after we emailed we went to a lazer tag place.  it was way fun.  there were 13 elders because the elders from Johor Baru came down.  i won't lie, i dominated.  i had the high score baby oh yeah.  my score wasn't even close to anybody else's.  ha ha but i paid the price.  i got a blister on my trigger finger.  they were old guns and i shot so many times that it took its toll on me.  ha ha it was fun. on Thursday, Elder Carl G. Pratt came to singapore.  Every january they have a mission tour where a general authority comes and tours the mission with president clark.  so on thursday the 13 of us plus senior couples met at the stake center to recieve training from president and sister clark and elder and sister pratt.  it was really good.  president clark talked about what you can and cannot take with you when you die.  you would have loved it.  surprisingly you take a lot of stuff with you when you die.  very good talk.  the pratts talked a lot about the spirit.  also good.  when elder pratt was answering questions at the end i got a good impression.  i just felt that this was a normal man.  you know, he is not anybody great but he has been called to a high position.  he's nobody special but he is different.  his authority and the spirit he has makes him different.  i just kind of gained a testimony of our general authorities.  they are all normal guys who have authority and are very in tune with the spirit.  its cool.
     on monday elder dass had to go on a visa run to Johor Baru, right across the straights of singapore there.  for some reason they detained him and kept him in a room for like 2 hours.  finally they only gave him a 1 day chop.  they said he can't just do a u-turn.  so on tuesday he went back to JB.  when he crossed the border this time they told him he would have to stay for at least 2 weeks.  i thought oh man i will just have to be a three some with another singapore companionship.  our area just got a bunch of referrals and investigators so i was pretty worried that it would take a hit during this situation.  tuesday was also the day of transfers.  so a few elders were coming through the office on the way to their new areas.  one elder, elder sugiyanto, was getting transfered to jb.  president decided that he will just be my companion for 2 weeks here in singapore.  so that's the deal.  ha ha oh man he is so funny.  he is from jakarta.  he has been out for 18 months.  actually he served in singapore 1 year ago.  he knows this place.  yesterday was a good day so i think it'll be a fun two weeks. 
     sorry, that's all i really have to say this week.  hey will you send me some american deodorant.  oh that'd be great.  i mean if you are planning on sending me a package soon.  next week is my birthday! i'll no longer be a teenager. sad.  i love ya'll.  have fun watchin movies and playing ball and doing school work.  jangan enkau membunuh orang.
elder petersen

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