Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'll take Fries with that?

komo estaka (filipino greeting i don't know how to spell)
     we had a baptism this week!  whaaaooooooo!!  her name is Isa. she's pretty cool.  she is from indonesia.  maybe about 32 years old.  its been pretty sweet to be able to teach her in Malay.  every time we go to her house she gives us home cooked food so it is a lot like malaysia.  but oh man i can't understand her.  she talks so fast and with a thick indonesian accent.  ha ha usaully dass does most of the talking.  but its been cool.  it has for sure been a blessing.  she's had a rough past so she was way excited to be baptized.  big life changer for her.  on the day of her baptism she was extremely sick.  she had terrible back pains and stuff.  we weren't sure if the baptism would even happen.  but it did and we are glad.  we had to go with the carpenters and pick her up.  elder dass was the one that baptized her.  she couldn't bend very well because of her back so it was a little difficult.  i had the oppurtunity to confirm her on sunday morning. i got to do it in malay.  so even though i am in the big city surrounded but white people and chinese i still get to use the language.  its sweet.  even though only three people in the chapel understood me i still really felt the spirit.  i just felt peaceful.  it was cool.
     when i got into this area it was pretty dead.  so me and dass have been doing a lot of tracting.  we've met some prety interesting people.  it is very frustrating some times.  we met this lady the other day that was so aggravating.  she kept saying the bible is the only thing we need.  she for sure had a messed up version of the bible because of the things she shared with us.  like she said that the true church would have nobody's name in it, not even Christ.  we were like what?!  and she kept saying, "young men, be careful.."  ha we were like whatever lady.  afterword dass told me to be patient and calm down.  i get worked up with some of these people.  i have no patience with them.  i almost started yelling.  we met a man the other day that claims to be a free thinker. he's all about scienceso annoying.  we had been contacting all day and this man came up to us.  we both thought this is the blessing we've been waiting for.  so he was really friendly and talkative but like i said he was messed up.  he said with all of our technology today we should be able to prove that God exists.  he wanted someone to go to the other side and then return to report.  we talked about Jesus and the bible but he said that happened so long ago that it is irrelevent.  i was fed up.  i testified many times but nothing. he was a waste.  i was mad.  ha ha oh the people of singapore.
     on saturday i did something very stupid.  oh man.  there is this restaraunt called new york new york.  when i first got to singapore the other elders told me about it and said that i must try their challenge.  i was game.  saturday was elder ngo's birthday so we went there to celebrate.  i was kind of roped into doing the challenge.  i had maybe 2 hours notice and was mentally unprepared. ha well the challenge is this.  there is a huge burger and plate of fries.  if  you finish it all within 1 hour it is free and you get a free t-shirt and bragging rights.  if you don't finish it it is 40 dollars.  so i had to sit all alone and sign these waivers and stuff.  i was so nervous.  they brought it out and i knew i was dead.  it was huge!!  well i threw it down. i ate the first quarter in about 7-8 min.  i was finished with half at about 22 min.  the third quarter was tough.  by that point i was full and it no longer tasted good.  it tasted awful actually.  absolutely disgusting.  i slowed down considerably.  i barely finished the 3rd quarter.  i ate the third quarter of fries.  i was not out of time but i was out of space in my stomach and out of appetite.  it was impossible.  i gave up.  i failed.  ha ha oh well.  i was so stuffed i couldn't walk.  some guys told me before hand that they would sponsor me 5 bucks if i failed so i didn't have to pay the full 40.  they had a record board and the top ten ranged from 37 min to 20 min.  that is insane.  it was huge.  needless to say i was full until sunday night.
     well thats what we do in singapore.  it is a lot of fun.  companion is cool. zone is cool.  city is cool.  temperature is not cooli'm liking it heretomorrow we have mission tour.  elder pratt will tour the mission starting in singapore.  we have to impress him.  it should be good training.  i hope all is well at home. say bye to james for me.  i'm excited for him.  say hi to everyone.  i feel like there's something else i wanted to tell you. oh well.  next week.  
jangan buat bodoh.
elder petersen

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