Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Conference Weekend in Singapore

hey family!
     well your email just cracked me up.  ha ha the stowers girl sounds so funny.  i can't believe she knows who i am.  i don't think i've ever, and i mean ever, seen her.  ha ha that's cool.  that's too bad that you were sick daddio.  i hate being sick.  you feel so helpless ya know.  but it sounds like you learned a lot from it.  thanks for the advice.  hey did mollie ever get my letter? i sent it like last week.  maybe not yet.  jaynanne why have you stopped writing to me.  you can't get mad at dad for writing about you unless you fill me in.  i want to know what is happening to you back home. dad give me an update on everybody next email.  how is tennis going for spencer?
     well well this week was ok.  we saw conference.  it was so good.  there were so many good talks.  it's all a blur though.  i can't really remember any specific ones but i remember they were good.  i will re-read them in the liahona.  priesthood session was way good.  i seriously felt the pressure from President Monson.  ha ha it looks like i must get married asap when i get home.  in fact i'll just start looking now to speed it up.  memorable speakers include Monson, Uchtdorf, Anderson, Perry, Holland, Cook, Packer, and many others.  it was shown at the stake center in the chapel.  we watched all five sessions as if they were live.  there wasn't a whole lot of members on saturday, maybe like 40.  sunday though was very full.  unfortunately there wasn't many investigators.  during the whole saturday morning session i was just thinking of one of our investigators.  she would have loved all those talks.  then sunday morning Uchtdorf's talk and whoever was after him was so good.  if any serious investigator was listening they would be baptized.  too bad the investigator we really would like to hear that wasn't there.  it's a shame.  but besides that conference was great.  i learned a lot and definitely felt the spirit.  President Monson is such a good speaker.  he just has a different spirit about him.  he is for sure a prophet.
     that was the highlight of the week.  besides that nothing too crazy.  right now i am with Elder Law and Gottfredson.  Elder Thomas went to KL for a training.  i spent the day with Law yesterday.  he is funny.  he is from Hong Kong.  ha ha he is still learning english but we could still communicate.  he brought me to get some awesome chinese food.  right now we're sitting in an internet cafe in china town.  part of the reason this email is short is because i don't know how to use this computer because it's all in chinese and i'm running out of time.  ha ha oh well
     guess what?!  on may 23 Elder Bednar is coming to KL.  cool huh?  he's coming for "government meetings" but has agreed to meet the missionaries.  so all of the missionaries in west malaysia and singapore will bus up there.  the elders in east malaysia won't be able to go.  so i'll probably go.  i'm torn though.  my fear is that during transfers in two weeks i might get my long time wish of going to sarawak.  it would be terrible timing.  so if i don't get transfered to where i've been dying to go then i will get to see an apostle.  oh well we'll just see what happens.
     let's see, i think thats all.  sorry this one so short.  i very tired. have nothing to say lah.  hope you have good week.  write me letter.  say hi to everyone.  did you ever sell my motorcycle.  i guess no one would buy it if it's snowing.  elder gottfredson says "let's do it to it" ha ha.  elder law says "whats up"  ok have a good week!
elder petersen

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