Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

hey fam
     well you told me that the kids put white eggs in the chicken coop but you didn't say if the stowers fell for it.  what happened?  i'm pretty jealous that you got to listen to conference.  we watch it at the stake center this weekend.  neither singapore nor malaysia, if i understand correctly, allow the church to broadcast by satellite to here.  but it is accesible on already.  i think it was live.  so on sunday we had a regular fast and testimony meeting.  it went really good.  that is sweet that you went to a session.  i really want to go to one when i get back.  i'll let you know how this weekend goes.
     well i have short news.  nothing really happened this week that was cool.  actually it was way quiet.  we have a lot of investigators come to church but they don't like to meet with us during the week.  so despite our big investigator pool our week is usually wide open.  do you remember michelle?  she came back from china last week.  we had a lesson on saturday and she had a baptismal interview.  bad news.  she said she doesn't know if there is even a God.  we were floored.  she likes and aggrees with everything we've taught which would point to there being a God.  she just is bad at connecting the dots.  so she pushed he date back yet again.  ugh.  she was so close.  now we have taught everything.  she's not really doing her part i think.  we're praying and fasting for her but still nothing so it's got to be on her end.  i'll let you know if we get any progress there. 
     recently i see so much potential in everyone we meet.  actually i've noticed this my whole mission.  whenever we meet someone i can imagine them accepting the gospel.  i can imagine them going to church each week and keeping the commandmants.  i can imagine them being happier than they are now.  but most of them don't make it that far.  for whatever reason they don't, all, accept the message.  it is a real shame because our message is for everybody.  i'd like to see everyone accept it.  they don't know how much it will help them.  i hope they don't reject it because of something we've done, or failed to do.  that would be terrible.  anyway just a thought.
     the other day me and elder thomas switched cameras for the day so that we could take pictures of each other.  it was fun.  i took a lot of pictures.  we'll have to do it again sometime.  something happened to one of my memory cards.  it locked somehow.  it won't take any pictures and it won't delete any pictures.  weird.  yesterday elder thomas signed up for classes.  that took forever.  so now he is hopefully situated.  he has been out like 21 months. 
     we're still having a ton of dinner appointments.  a large majority of these dinner appointments turn into referrals actually.  it's probably our most productive time.  everyone we eat with has a friend they are sharing with about the church and ask us for pamphlets or a book of mormon to give them.  it's cool. 
     two elders got denied entrance into malaysia.  one was already an office elder and one used to be an office elder.  they were both guinea pigs.  they held professional visitors passes which are good for one year.  they expired, so the elders went in to renew them.  the immigration told them they couldn't renew them.  they also said don't come back to malaysia.  they assume we are working because we come in and out so much.  so that elder might get stuck here.  they're trying to work it out with the US embassy.  time will tell. 
     we had a fun dinner appointment with the webb's the other night.  they are so cool.  they helped us when we first met michelle.  they have 5 girls ranging from like 6 to 15.  the little girls are so funny.  there is one named libby.  i think she's 9.  she cracks me up.  i like messing with her.  we had awesome dinner.  it was coconut rice and stuff.  hard to explain but it was a well cooked home cooked meal.  it reminded me of america.  this family is pretty straight laced.  they are really nice and really active and really righteous if you will.  i don't know how to say it.  a typical mormon family i guess. we had a good fhe with them.  we played a game where you have two teams and one person on the team has a quarter and so you all slam down your hands and the other team has to guess who has the quarter.  it was fun.  they got really into it.  and we had vanilla ice cream with caramel and blueberries.  wow way good.
     well honestly i can't really think of much else.  hopefully next week has more stuff. sorry this was random and short.  have a good week.  i look forward to your letters.  send me something cool. 
elder petersen

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