Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pass the Buck...

hey ya'll
    it's sad i'll miss abbie's graduation and jaynanne's.  bummer. take lots of pictures.  spencer get off of starcraft.  that game is a waste.  we see people at the internet cafe's here just playing that for hours.  such a time suck.  hopefully tennis will distract you.  speaking of that how do you like it?  any cool people on the team?  how'd your match go last week?  oh homemade bread and rolls sounds so good right now.  i haven't eaten anything yet today and oh man just the thought of mom's famous rolls makes me so trunky.  good luck dad looking over the ward next month.  i would love a copy of your talk.  i remember your last mother's day one was way good.
     well there's this sickness that's been going around singapore this last week.  elder thomas and I picked it up.  we haven't been able to focus because of our case of Beiber Fever!!!  ha ha ha justin is in town right now.  he had a concert last night.  we went down to the stadium to contact... i got my picture with him. (Cardboard cut-out)  we could hear the screams from inside the stadium.  they were going nuts in there.  wow.  everyone is in love with that runt.  every expat the past week has asked us if we knew about it.  three different families told us that they went to the just beiber movie and surprisingly loved it.  we couldn't believe it.  he is so weird.  i can't stand him.  just a punk.  i didn't realize how many stars come here for concert.  just in the past few months there has been janet jackson, taylor swift, justin, maroon five, micheal buble, and others.  it's a happening city.
     alright get this.  do you remember elder hall?  he served in this mission.  he got back a few weeks before i went out.  we went to his house in pleasant view and asked him some stuff.  it turns out he is my grandpa.  he trained my trainer.  well anyways he is coming back to his last area.  he is coming back to marry a girl.  an indian girl.  ha ha so weird.  when a white guy marries an asian we call it a "larry".  my grandpa is a larry!  he'll be here sometime this month.  wow.
     so last week i went on splits with elder law from hong kong.  it was a lot of fun.  i already told you about that i guess.  he was a goof.  he doesn't know english that well but he likes to talk so it was fun trying to understand him.  he took us to a chinese restaraunt after we emailed last week.  me and elder gottfredson looked through the menu and it looked cheap enough.  so we both ordered this pork rice thing for 3.50 and a drink for 1.50.  not bad.  when the waitress brought out our food she brought tons out.  elder law ordered a bunch of stuff to share.  it was really good legit chinese food like dumplings and chicken feet and meatball things.  so at the very end the bill was 40 bucks!  we were shocked.  and of course elder law wanted to split it cause we split the food.  so i ended up paying 2-3 times what i expected.  the chinese will get you everytime. 
     some expats told us about a place called the "burger shack".  so we found it one day during dinner.  it was actually really good.  it was a legit flame grilled burger.  when we walked in the place it just smelled like america.  it was delicious.  the burger was kind of small but like unto best burger.  not quite that level though.
     well the missionary work is going good.  we've met a lot of referrals this week.  that's the only way to do it.  me and e.thoms were thinking,  since he's been here two months ago we haven't met a single person for a follow up lesson that we personally contacted.  every single one of our investigators on our board is a referral.  that's good i'd say.  as long as we keep getting them.  this weekend Elder Perkins(i think he's the asia area president) is coming to singapore.  he is coming with the two top dog highest up church historians.  they're having a stake devotional about the history of the church in malaysia and singapore sunday night.  we were told that right after church they want to meet with just us missionaries.  we're going to have a special meeting where we can ask any questions.  it might be cool.  we just recieved more news that at 7:00 sunday morning all of the missionaries along with president clark and those top dogs and the stake president and a selected few others are meeting and then going to the top of mount faber where singapore was dedicated for missionary work.  we're going to have a short devotional and then the stake president will read the dedicatory prayer.  pretty darn sweet.  but we have to wake up quite early like 5:30.  i'll let you know how that all goes next week. 
     sorry i never talk about missionary stuff.  ha ha the bulk of my letter is just random things.  oh well.  enjoy.  i hope everything is going good at home.  i told elder thomas that i have recieved something easter morning for as long as i can remember and that this year better not be any different.  ha ha so we'll see if the easter bunny makes it out here.  i love you all.  work hard and don't fight.
elder petersen

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