Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moving Blues

hey hey hey!
     your emails were sweet.  thanks for the link to flicker mom.  there are some cool pictures on there.  yeah we heard a little bit about osama.  president clark sent us all an email warning us to be smart and avoid trouble.  i think i'll be just fine here in singapore.  tons of white people here.  maybe in sabah i would've been in danger.  there is a big election coming up here soon.  but i don't think anything would happen.  back to comcast eh?  is it worse or no?  wow i don't know if i could run 12 miles.  ha ha we played basketball this morning and i am exhausted. ya know, some of those ideas could really help a lot of branches in malaysia get their attendance up.  ha ha i'll suggest them to president clark.
     well this week was really busy.  first of all happy birthday abbie!!!!  nice, the big 22.  how does it feel.  and graduated  wow.  my little girl is all grown up.  well i haven't sent a letter yet...i don't know if i will.  maybe i'll just email you.
     elder hawkins got in on tuesday.  he's pretty cool.  he's from west jordan.  he was the group ahead of me so he's been out 16 months.  he's pretty tall like 6'1".  so far so good.  he's a little bit quite but he's a good teacher.  and he is a good missionary work.  hopefully we can get some stuff going here.
     on thursday we moved.  the lease on our place was up.  so we used the mission van to put all of our stuff in the zl's house.  wow it took forever.  we had 6 desks and 2 bunk beds and a whole lot of crap.  i didn't know we even had that much stuff.  it didn't seem like that much stuff but as we were cleaning it just kept piling up.  we threw a lot away.  seriously we threw a lot of stuff away.  there was five of us elders.  elders ulrich, hawkins, nowland, gottfredson, and me.  we worked all day.  from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.  so now we live with the zone leaders, elders cheel and ngo.  they are pretty dang cool.  it will be a lot of fun.  also when the ap's are in town they stay there.  they are also cool.  i'm finally in a house with more than two of us!  but we have stuff all over the house.  we are storing it there until next week when four sisters are moving into a new house here in singapore.  they will take most of the junk hopefully. 
     well i've got some seriously bad news.  our area was three wards.  there are four sisters coming in.  we new they would take at least one of our wards.  we got a bad deal.  they took the expat ward and woodlands wardnoooooooooo!!!!!!  oh man we were so bummed.  they took the expat ward from us.  no  more white people.  no more american dinners.  no more interesting talks or lively elders quorum.  ha ha oh well.  the worst part is that we lost most of our investigators.  now we only have two, well, one really.  we got robbed.  also we don't really know what to do.  neither of us know people in that ward because elder thomas would always go there, not me.  so it was basically white washed.  i'll miss our investigators.  i hope the sisters are good.  our best ones were in the expat ward.  now instead of covering the whole island we only cover a small section.  that could be a good thing though.  more focus.  we were a little bit overwhelmed with three wards.  anyways that's the news.
     last night we had our last dinner appointment with an expat.  it was at the sloan's.  oh they are so awesome.  they stuffed us.  so much food.  there was this complex salad that was the main dish.  it had chicken and pecans and tons of cheeses and avacado and other surprises.  so good.  then we had family home evening with them.  i'll just miss seeing them at church.  their little kids are hilarious.  we'll probably try to go again in a few months. 
     hopefully we'll get some dinner appointments in this local ward.  that's the only way we can meet people and get investigators.  so that's the plan.  other than that we could knock all day but we all know that's not productive.  there really isn't any central location that we can street contact.  we'll try everything though.  any ideas?
     we are all looking forward to meeting elder bednar.  i can't think of any good questions to ask him.  any ideas?  there are some elders who will for sure ask great questions so i'm banking on that.
     so this past week we haven't been doing much.  just moving and trying to figure out our new area.  that's why i don't have much to say.  sorry.  i'm looking forward to skyping you next week.  actually i'm way excited.  i can't believe i've been here for 5 months.  it seems like i just talked to you guys the other day.  pretty soon i'll be home.  i'll probably call around 10:30.  i'm not sure when this place opens.  maybe around 11:00.  we'll see.  be prepared.  i read your talk dad.  it was so good.   i mean dang it was great.  i totally remember that time i cut the elastic string on the back of the bucket seat.  i think it was with the scissors on a pocket knife.  ha ha thanks for still loving me. 
     well hope you all have a good week.  get good grades.  do work.  say hi to people.  i love you!!
elder petersen

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