Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texting the Spirit

Selamat Hari Ibu!!! (happy mother's day)
     it was so great to see you all on monday.  after our conversation i was so trunky.  ha ha yes jaynanne that is a word.  i forgot how awesome you guys are.  you all just cracked me up.  jaynanne and spencer seem older.  your stories were great.  i miss you guys.  i can't wait to actually see you again.  you got the stamp of approval from elder cheel.  he was the one who was sticking his head up and over my shoulder at first.  he said a few times "that looks like a cool family"  it's true.  i just can't think that other people have it as good as me.  elder cheel for instance only had one brother there at the call.  how boring.  i can't imagine having less brothers or sisters.  you guys are awesome.  i don't know what else i would have said to you guys but after we were done i felt like i had more to say.  oh well.  yeah dad luckily the 6 elders in our house are all cool.  i really like them all.  the assistants are cool and my companion and the zone leaders too.  we now have the biggest zone at 17.  we have an old zone.  i'm the second youngest elder.  the youngest is only one group behind me.  so it's pretty sweet because we all have been out for a while and all get along. we don't cook that often.  sometimes though.  we've cooked curry and also fajitas.  i'm cooking pancakes tomorrow.  we mostly eat out.  no problem on our long conversation.  my companion was fine and the other two were the same length.  we just cut into lunch a little bit.  no prob.  hey i've been meaning to ask you, how is your iPad.  they seem pretty cool.  a lot of people have them here.  they use them as books and what not.  at church a lot of people use them as the manuals or the scriptures and one guy even read his talk off of one.  they are pretty dang cool.  do you maximize your iPad use or do you just play angry birds on it?
     well even though i just talked to you i thought i'd share a story with you.  so we've been teaching this one girl for quite some time.  since january actually.  she is so good and has so much faith but she just doesn't see it.  since our area got split we are no longer teaching her.  it's a major bummer.  the sisters will be teaching her.  last saturday we had a really good pass of lesson.  we met with her and the sisters.  it was the best lesson we've had with her in weeks.  two weeks ago she comitted to read the book of mormon every single night.  she never keeps her comittment to read the assigned chapter.  i told her that i would text her one verse every night that week.  i almost forgot sometimes but i set an alarm on the phone to remind me.  every night we sent one or two verses.  they were just really good ones like about baptism or the spirit or God.  at the lesson last week we asked her if she read them.  she said that she didn't miss one night.  she said that the first night was really hard.  she got my text while she was on the computer and she ignored it but then thought no i have to i told them i would.  she said that by the third night she was actually looking forward to it.  so cool.  she said her week went so good.  she's been praying about whether or not to go back to china.  she said she really felt like she should stay.  that same night her cousin from china called and told her to stay in singapore and make the most of this chance to be here.  her prayers were totally answered.  we had to help her recognize it was from God though.  then we talked about the church and how much she liked it.  she said she actually really liked it.  she said that during that week that one day she had this feeling that when she has children that they should be members in this church.  oh man that was so so cool to hear.  it felt so good.  these past four months of teaching her haven't been wasted.  she's been blessed and so will her future family.  it was so good to hear that.  then we asked her this week to continue to read every night and to pray about getting baptized in two weeks just like she prayed about moving.  she happily agreed.  it is so cool to hear.  good lesson.  one of those spiritual boosts.
     well that's all i have.  have a good week.  try to think of a good question i can ask elder bednar next week.  tell grandma i got her letter.  i was so happy.  i actually almost started to cry.  it was written really shaky and in cursive but i could read it fine.  it was really short.  after a few sentences she said "it has taken thirty minutes and a lot of pain to write this".  wow.  it's cool.  i know it was hard for her and a sacrifice so tell her thanks and happy mother's day.  i love you all.  i know the church is true.  i'm grateful to be a member.  i'm grateful to know what i know.  we are so blessed.  say hi to everyone.
elder petersen

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