Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Say That Again...

hey ya'll!
     your emails were quite interesting.  mollie dislocated her knee cap eh?  ha ha ouch. did it hurt when brother turner popped it in place?  ha wow.  abbie and jeremy's talks sounded good.  should send me them.  i think i know brother oborn.  he seems nice.  if i'm right then his son ben is on a mission.  he was called to europe but got put in illinios or something.  i had a lot of classes with him.  ha ha in 9th grade we literally had every single class together all year.  project lead the way just lined us up.  ha ha.  jaynanne's story sounds hilarious.  ha ha i can just imagine.  good luck with the race.  i'm way jealous.  it sounds like a blast. 
     sorry i emailed you late today.  it's 5:30 here.  we were at the singapore zoo all day.  it was so awesome.  we sat on the front row of this sea lion show and we got soaked.  it deliberately splashed us.  pretty cool.  i didn't ride any elephants this time though.  we went to all of the free things. 
     ok so i've had some down time on a few long bus rides so i tried to think of things to tell spencer about camp loll.  hopefully this will be helpful.  bring warm clothes.  it's not so hot up there.  i mean there's still a ton of snow up there right?  it is only hot for two weeks maybe in july.  don't bring shorts.  bad idea.  your legs will be eaten alive.  i'm a fan of the knee high socks but one time i wore shorts and those socks and i had so many mosquitoe bites.  pants is the answer.  label your clothes.  there is only one washing machine.  one kid stole my shirt and wrote his name on the tag.  i convinced him it was my shirt because of the jamboree patch on it.  don't buy a bright neon green jacket.  delose won't let you wear it.  try to bring a dark zip up hoodie.  you can easily wear it under the camp jacket that isn't that warm.  buy chacos.  all you need is good boots and chacos.  and shower flip flops.  make sure you play games with your troop.  then they will invite you to eat with them.  spend any free time with them.  bring a towel for swimming and a towel for shower. memorize the songs.  ok that's all for now.  it's a lot.  do it.
     well this week involved a lot of knocking.  too much knocking last thursday we had interviews with president clark.  mine was pretty good i guess.  his interviews are really short and simple.  but you can get him talking.  later that day the top church translation guy for scriptures flew in.  he was a freaking genius.  seriously he talked non-stop while with us.  he majored in linguistics at byu and got a phd in ancient norse history or something crazy.  ha ha he had a huge vocabulary and was very detailed in his descriptions.  we had an hour with him.  he explained to us the entire process of translating the book of mormon into a new language.  it was way cool.  if they think a language has potential they put it at introductory status.  that includes the joseph smith pamphlet and the sacrament prayers and baptism prayer and articles of faith and maybe more.  he said there are like 180 languages in the introductory phase or further.  that is a lot.  he said that the malay book of mormon should be done being translated by august and should be printed before next april or may.  that is so awesome!!  it would be so cool to have and would really help the work in malaysia i think.  as soon as they finish that most of the other things follow like the liahona and manuels and stuff.  they are experimenting with it and doing it faster than any translation they've yet done.  sweet.
     last week was elder teng's chinese birthday or something so we went to a chinese high tea buffet.  it was so good.  i ate way too much.  it was just like tons of dumplings and "snacks" really.  high tea time is between lunch and dinner.  the place was called leo beijing i think.  there was these one dumplings with beef and soup inside.  really cool.  there was this gross looking sesame creamy stuff that was like boiled ash.  i tasted it anyways.  it was gross but surprisingly i wanted more.  so i kept eating it.  there was lots of spring rolls and pot stickers and stuff.  way good. 
     we've been going around trying to meet lots of members.  we've found some pretty crazy ones.  since all we have is a ward directory we don't know about anyone that we go to.  we've found some way inactive people.  we met this family that hasn't been to church in twenty years.  they invited us in.  it was just a mom and son.  the son was listed as a deacon on our sheet.  he is now 34.  we talked for a while.  they were baptized in the 80's when it was just the singapore branch.  he doesn't know any of our doctrine.  we taught him about joseph smith and it was all new to him really.  he was really interested.  cool.  there's been a few other like him but he was the most hospitable to us. 
     well sorry but that's about it this week.  we are heading to KL on sunday and then meeting with elder bednar on monday.  it just hit me that he is really coming.  ha ha wow that is awesome! i'll let you know about it.  keep strong.  good luck with the last week of school and surgery recovery.  tell the other runners good luck.  tell me some more funny stories.  dad tell me a funny mission story.  ok bye!
elder petersen

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