Wednesday, July 20, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame!

hi fam
     your emails were great.  ha ha you crack me up dad.  that is so cool that oskar is going to sing at general conf.  in the mtc choir we were hoping so bad that we'd get that chance.  don't forget about it.  and don't fall asleep.  ha ha this is your last general conf as a primary kid.  next one we'll all go to priesthood session together.  whoa weird.  i heard about usa losing.  oh well.  it's just women's soccer.  mom it sounds like you'll do good at that calling.  it is actually quite a lot of people.  that is a big responsibility.  good luck.  yeah i hope grandma reads my letter.  you better make sure tomorrow.  tell her hi again.  i am so jealous you are going to boston.  that sounds fun.  don't go to loll on the last week.  spencer will be busy.  go like the start of august.  ha ha when i left, no offense, jaynanne just wasn't that great of a driver yet.  i can just imagine the scene of her turning around that big car in front of everyone.  ha ha so funny.  she'll have to take me for a car ride when i get home. 

     so first of all we made it big!!  ha ha we ended up going to that soccer game.  it was really sweet.  i could tell you so much about it.  you'll just have to wait until i get home.  but it was me hawkins maughan stratton hunt and lang.  the fearless six.  we went to a street market called pasar seni and bought knock of malaysia jerseys for 20 ringget.  we were all wearing yellow ones but hawkins wore a blue one.  we went early to the game and there was a lot to do out in front of the stadium.  pretty much everyone was in arsenal jerseys.  nobody had malaysia pride except the six big white guys.  ha ha instantly people started wanting pictures with us.  it was really fun at first but after a while it got old.  i'm not joking we took at least 100.  i know i'm all over malaysia's facebook.  i wish i could search it somehow.  there were these one guys with really big cameras that wanted our picture.  so we took a bunch with them.  they said they were from the bernama news agency.  ha ha we were hoping to make it in the print.  so i bought a bunch of stuff like a malaysia scarf and headband.  the game was pretty boring.  soccer is just not appealing.  there is no action and no funny time out or half time entertainment.  just ninety min of kicking a ball.  malaysia got beat 4-0.  ha ha predictable.  but it was a blast.  also it was elder lang's birthday.  he is the zl.  we've become pretty good friends.  he is really cool.  it was an epic p-day.  the next day me and maughan were the first ones to find it.  we went to the news stand to see if our picture made the papers.  as we walked up i looked over one guy's shoulder who was open to the sports page.  there it was.  there was a big picture of us right there.  atleast 1/4 of the news page.  it said "imported fans"  later it talked about how nobody wore the national colors or cheered for the national team.  ha ha so funny.  i bought a copy to save. we got a bunch of texts during the day from people in maughan's last branch.  they said that our picture was on the internet and there was tons of comments about it.  i got my 15 min of fame.  it was so cool.
     on thursday we got stopped by some cops.  we were walking to our last appoinment of the day.  it was dark already and we were just walking through a neighborhood.  a cop car drove past us slowly and then stopped ahead of us.  on the passenger side the window rolled down and he signaled for us to walk up.  there are always two cops in the car.  they just fed us some crap.  they wanted trouble i think.  they asked us why we were here and we said we were from an international christian church like we've been told to say.  they asked for our passports and we gave them the photocopies we carry around.  we don't carry around the real deal so that they don't get ruined in the rain and so that some power hungry cop can't just hold on to it to make us comply to something.  he said where's the real one and we said it was back in our apartment.  he said where is your visa and we said the same thing.  i handed him the small certificate president told us to carry around that says we don't get paid and we'll leave after two years.  they looked at it for a while, told us to carry the real passport around, and then just drove off.  ha ha they had nothing.
     the work is going really well here.  we have a lot of investigators.  we hit a record attendance at church this week.  there was 87 people.  that is the most i've hit in malaysia.  sweet.  we put the father of a family on baptismal date and hopefully his family will soon follow.  today we were deciding whether or not to wear our shirts and ties because we were going to do something for p-day.  we chose to wear them.  it was a good thing.  we were walking back to our house earlier and this guy came power walking up to us from behind.  he stopped us and talked to us.  he said he was christian.  he is from nepal.  he told us he knew we were mormon.  he said he would like to meet us at his house and introduce us to his 15 nepal christian friends and that we could share about our church.  we were like ha ha great!  he said how about i give you my number and address and you can call me to set up an appoinment.  ha ha wow he just said everything we wanted to say.  then we set up an appointment for tomorrow.  he seems really nice but maybe too talkative.  oh well you can't beat that.  i wish more people ran up to us and set up appointments.  the zone is really awesome here.  we're still doing monday makan.  makan means eat.  that is a blast.  i will miss this district.  atleast half of us will leave from transfers this weekend.  it was really fun while it lasted.  oh yeah there was a wedding reception here.  a girl from this branch has been going to byu hawaii.  she met and married a guy from harrisville utah.  he went to freemont.  the two of them came here to visit the family.  the branch had a big party.  it is the first wedding here ever i think.  it was a big deal.  it was fun.  a lot of people sand and preformed.  the primary kids did this little breakdance number.  ha ha it was so comical.  primary must have changed a lot since i was in it.  the white guy was pretty nice too.
     alright well that's all this week.  it was a good week.  this area is really cool.  hey i want to know your thoughts on this.  here in malaysia they sell a lot of pirated dvds.  i mean everywhere.  i don't even know anybody that buys regular ones.  most missionaries buy a bunch to watch back when they get home.  they are way cheap.  is that bad to buy?  just out of curiosity. 
    ok all y'all.  have a good week.  don't forget about me.  i'll let you know if anything happens with transfers.  let me know how the last harry potter movie is.  let me know if you hear from spencer.  go to church read your scriptures say family prayers.  seeyaloveyabye
elder petersen

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