Friday, July 29, 2011

New Zealand Comp

alright so the new guy's in,
yesterday i met up with them.  they got in late so we basically just dragged his bed into our room and went to sleep.  they had no chance to email home in singapore so here we are today.  he seems pretty nice.  he's from new zealand.  his name is elder reeves.  he's half mauri.  he's pretty freaking ripped, i think he did water polo. he's soft spoken but seems wise.  so far so good.  it sounds like singapore was a lot of fun.  i missed out.  oh well me and elder lang had some good times up here.  i found a t shirt at a thrift store of this old chinese guy doing karate.  nice.  i feel like this greenie is a lot like i was back in the day.  he seems pretty obedient.  too obedient.  i feel like the mission field is not exactly like what they tell you in the mtc so almost every greenie thinks his trainer is apostate.  i see that judgement coming.  ha ha but like i said so far so good.  oh well i'll probably be out of here in three weeks.  hey maughan brought back mail for me from singapore.  i had three letters from jaynanne and one from jessica.  cool.  jaynanne's were dated in december january february march and i think june ha ha oh well better late than never.  they were entertaining.  alright well have a good week. 

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